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Tommy Davidson has been working on a book for a while now and he finally finished it. Sybil is the first person to speak about his upcoming memoir “Living In Color: What’s Funny About Me” publicly and she gives it a glowing review.

She says the book is “so powerful!” Reading his story she can’t help but be moved.  It doesn’t officially come out until January but Sybil says “it’s worth the wait!”

One of the most moving stories in the book is actually about how his mother found him. He calls it a “a freak of nature.” Shortly after his birth he was left in the trash by his birth mother and was later found by the white woman who raised him. As she was leaving a house “something told her to look under this tire,” he explained, and that’s where she found him. He spent 90 days in the hospital and then she took him home.

For the longest time he knew nothing about race. So, when white people started yelling and calling him a “nigga” he went home and asked his mom “who are these niggas?” and said, “we’ve got to stay away from them!”

He says you read about how his life came full circle in the book and Sybil believes everyone would be able to take something away from it.

Davidson is Performing this weekend in Cincinnati at the Ludlow Garage.