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Female fans of rapper DMX are taking part in the #dmxchallenge, which sees them showing off various hairstyles using the rapper’s hit song from 2000, “What These Bitches Want.”

On the track, DMX raps a list of names of women he’s met or dated:

There was Brenda, LaTisha, Linda, Felicia / Dawn, LeShaun, Ines, and Alicia / Teresa, Monica, Sharron, Nicki / Lisa, Veronica, Karen, Vicky / Cookie, well, I met her in a ice cream parlor / Tonya, Diane, Lori, and Carla / Marina, Selena, Katrina, Sabrina / About three Kims, LaToya, and Tina / Shelley, Bridget, Cathy, Rasheeda / Kelly, Nicole, Angel, Juanita / Stacy, Tracie, Rohna, and Ronda / Donna, Ulanda, Tawana, and Wanda.


For the challenge, the women use photos and videos of themselves rocking various hairstyles or wigs to match the song’s lyrics, suggesting they’re a different woman with each new style.

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna have added their own videos to the viral craze — check out some of the best videos below:


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