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Have you ever seen a grown man carrying around a rubber chicken? If not you must have never seen Michael Colyar. He and his chicken, yes he brought the rubber chicken, stopped by the Tom Joyner Morning Show studio and it was a blast. The chicken is apparently very popular and he has even “taken pictures with Usher,” Colyar says. And before you do, don’t ask him why he has it, ask yourself why you don’t have a rubber chicken.

Right now he’s working on his one man show play called “Michael Colyar’s Mama;” in it he plays 17 characters and tells his story. “I’ve been rich 3 times, but I’ve been broke 14” he said and those who know him know that he’s “way more comfortable with broke than rich.”

“You need to see this play,” he insists. But this weekend if you’re in Dallas you need to check him out at the Arlington Improv. He says the show will be “so good I’m going to wish I was in the audience watching myself!”


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