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Remy Ma, was not present at this year’s BET Awards, even though she was nominated for best female rapper of the year. Apparently she’s still trying to get her life together since being released from prison.

The 39-year-old mother released a video on the internet apologizing to her crew and fans, explaining her ordeal and utter confusion as to why even with good behavior she’s still being treated like a criminal.

She claims to have lost a lot of money because parole is not allowing her to work. In her video, she said, “Mind you when I got out of prison almost 5 years ago, one of the main stipulations is that you have you have to maintain employment,” and while she is diligently doing that, the parole department does not seem to have her best interests in mind.

New York-born, bred and based Remy Ma (real name: Reminisce Smith) has been under parole supervision since her release.

” I currently have about 42 days of parole supervision left and one person, not my parole officer but someone who I do not even understand why they are involved in my parole supervision, is denying my travel to California to work,” she says in the video.

Even though her management sent letters, schedules, flight, and hotel bookings to the parole department, to show proof that the trip was solely for work, she was still denied permission to travel. It is obvious someone in the department is trying to sabotage Remy and her image, presenting her as unserious and unprofessional to her clients, workers and business partners.

After 4 years and 9 months of post-release supervision, with no arrest or bad behavior (except for being charged with assault against her “Love & Hip Hop: NY” castmate, Brittney Taylor), completing anger management sessions, keeping to her curfew, and making payment when due, Remy Ma is still being treated with so much injustice. The judicial system which claims to be fair and just happens to have a gaping hole right in the middle, with certain persons appearing to be abusing the power handed over to them.

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