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Rapper Scarface, born Brad Jordan, has announced that he’s running for Houston City Council.

He first teased plans to transition to politics on social media last week. “Should I run for Houston City Council?” he wrote on Instagram. He made it official over the weekend.

In a post to his 240K followers on IG, he wrote, “It’s official. I’m offering myself for service as the next Houston City Council member for District D. Join our movement! More details to come.

Scarface’s slogan is: “Of the People, For the People.”

As noted by VIBE, Scarface received a lot of positive feedback from fans and the hip-hop community. Bun B replied to his announcement with: “I’m here for this.” Plug One of De La Soul added “congrats my brother.”

In Aug. 2018, the Geto Boys rap star was honored with his own day in Houston by Mayor Sylvester Turner and Councilman Dwight Boykins.

“You know me as Scarface, but now you get the opportunity to meet Brad Jordan,” he told the crowd at the time. “I’ve done a lot of music, you know. I’ve done a lot of speaking of social … words that take place in our community. That Scarface has turned into Brad Jordan. I really want to let y’all know that I’m getting ready to make a super impact in the community because that’s the most important thing to me right now.”

Scarface previously slammed Donald Trump over his handling of Hurricane Harvey that devastated Texas back in 2017.

“The Texans that are helping out fellow Texans and other people who came in from outside of the state are the ones who are truly making America great. These people put all their prejudices aside and they help whoever is in trouble, that’s the true spirit of this state,” he said. “These people who are risking their lives to save other people’s lives in a time of catastrophe, they are making America great again, not who you think.”

Scarface’s announcement to run for city council came a day before Bushwick Bill, fellow Geto Boys member, passed away after battling pancreatic cancer. He was 52.

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