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CJ Wallace, the son of the Notorious B.I.G., has launched his own cannabis brand, Think BIG, along with seasoned entrepreneur Willie Mack and his stepfather, music executive Todd Russaw, reports.

The outlet recently chopped it up with Biggie’s only son about building off of his father’s legacy to create his own lane. Below are some highlights from their conversation.

via BET:

First things first, let’s talk strains. Think BIG’s initial launch product is impeccably packaged pre-rolls in a decorative cigar box named Frank White, a nod to one of Biggie’s many aliases.

The pre-rolls consist of a blend of three strains of marijuana: Orange Sherbet, Banjo, and Rattlesnake Sour Diesel from Lowell Farm’s signature sun-grown California cannabis.

“One of [the strains] is a hybrid. So you’re not too tired or too upbeat. It’s like right in the middle. Great for creative people who want to be in the studio and not want to go to sleep immediately. You know what I mean?” CJ explains.

“It definitely inspires creativity. Gets you off the couch. And definitely gets you more talkative. Just makes you want to share and come up with new ideas.”

“Since I started really acting and taking my music more seriously, people were always like, ‘Well, what are you going to do? Acting or music?’ And I’ve always answered that, like, ‘I can’t choose one!’ So with this I want to involve as many lanes, fashion, cannabis and so much more. It’s really a complete lifestyle [collaboration]. Ultimately, making Think BIG the storyteller. We want to create new ways of advocating for cannabis as use for creativity, for contemplation, but also for criminal and social justice.”

“Because of the heritage and legacy we stand on, for us it’s bigger than just cannabis and always is bigger than just fashion and music. It’s like how do we tell new stories about who his dad was, and also how do we inspire more people to get involved?” Willie chimes in.

“The war on drugs has taken away generations of our people. We’ve got to create to build on that,” he adds. “We need to build the wealth that we’ve lost and give wealth back. Otherwise you’re making cash in neighborhoods that already do that.”

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