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(The Advocate via AP)

A crowdfunding campaign for three African American churches in Louisiana recently burned in a hate crime was climbing Tuesday (April 16) after social media posts urging the public not to forget the plight of the small houses of worship as the eyes of the world were on the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.

“As we hold Paris in our hearts today, let’s also sent some love to our neighbors in Louisiana,” a Tuesday tweet from Hillary Clinton read.

Many others, sent a similar message, stating that the Notre Dame restoration will be well funded and urging support for the Louisiana churches.

“It’s a blessing, truly a blessing,” the Rev. Freddie Jack, president of the Seventh District Missionary Baptist Association, told in an interview. All three churches are members of the association.

Suspect Holden Matthews, 21, is in custody in connection with the Louisiana fires and faces charges that include hate crimes. The fires happened in and around Opelousas beginning in late March. Matthews was arrested a week ago.

The campaign hit $500,000 Tuesday evening, with contributions ranging from $5 to thousands of dollars.

“It’s all working out for the greater good,” Jack said, when asked about the connection being made to the Notre Dame fire.

The money raised will be distributed equally among the three century-old churches: St. Mary Baptist Church, which burned on March 26 in Port Barre, and Greater Union Baptist Church and Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Opelousas, which burned over the following 10 days.

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4 thoughts on “Donations For Louisiana’s Burned Black Churches Up After Notre Dame Fire

  1. Michael Middleton on said:

    I was actually questioning why so much emphasis was placed helping the church in Notre Dame and less on the 3 Black churches in the United States given the same time period. Then I had to adjust my thinking to realize that Europe is their roots which is why the “Queen” receives so much stardom. However, it’s good news to hear the 3 Black churches are receiving help; but in my judgement, we must do more to help ourselves. I’ll be donating to the churches as well.

  2. Let France worry about the Notre Dame fire.

    This country needs to SUPPORT the Louisiana African American churches that were
    maliciously BURNT to the ground by a RACIST TURD.

  3. Passing Through!! on said:

    Sadly white people can only sympathize with the struggle of blacks after they experience the same tragedy. They’re not capable of feeling or understanding the pain of others until it happens to them. In most cases they’re void of a conscience, a soul that’s why I didn’t shed one tear watching that Cathedral burn to the ground.

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