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Instagram account PreachersNSneakers is only two weeks old but the fan count continues to rise as the site keeps folks thoroughly entertained by making note of celebrity pastors who wear pricey footwear.

The account was started by a man who goes by Tyler Jones, and his hobby is tracking so-called men/women of God who lead congregations while wearing thousand-dollar shoes — see below.

Via Yahoo:

Featured in the account’s collages are recognizable “celebrity” preachers, including, as Fashionista points out, Rich Wilkerson Jr., the officiant of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding, Judah Smith, a friend of Justin Bieber, and John Gray, who has a show on Oprah’s network. 

“I’m not trying to cause a division,” said Jones, “I just think that if you’re in church you should know how your pastor is spending the money.”

Reactions from his readers of Jones’ IG page include:

The lord Jesus walked around in sandals. Somebody photoshop some of these on Jesus.

Is it sad that he wears shoes worth as much as I paid for my car?

That’s more than my mortgage…

I keep thinking about how people from my church would go on about how you shouldn’t give money to homeless people because they might not spend it responsibly…

Jones was inspired to create the account after he noticed the lead singer of the band Elevation Worship wearing $1800 Yeezy 750 Boost sneakers.

Jones explained to Buzzfeed that readers of his site have been compelled to troll these Christian leaders, while others, most notably those in ministry, have reached out to him directly to praise the work he is doing, as they believe this is a discussion that needs to be had, the report states.

“I’ve had hundreds of pastors and people in ministry message me like ‘Thank you, keep doing what you’re doing. It’s prompting a discussion around what leadership and stewardship look like within the church,’” Jones told Fashionista.

“Somebody called me a hypocrite today and said that I was causing disunity within the church. But I’ve been pretty intentional to leave it relatively open-ended,” he said.

Jones reportedly never criticizes the leaders featured on his site. Matter fact, some pastors consider him their hypeman and have asked to be posted on his page rocking their own signature look.