A woman in New Jersey is making headlines for giving birth alone at home after her husband left for work and ran out of gas on the highway.

By the time police broke down her door, 31-year-old Delia Sumner had already given birth on the floor of her bedroom.

She told reporters from her hospital bed that “With the Lord’s help I remained calm through the entire thing.”

Sumner went into labor early Tuesday morning at her family’s apartment complex. She called her husband Michael, who had already left for work, and then 911.

Officers from the Lyndhurst Police Department came calling but the little one just couldn’t wait.

“You heard the cry and then you feel that little thing just moving against your leg,” Delia recalled.

via CBS New York:

Officers could hear Malachi’s screams from outside the apartment door, which was locked when they arrived. Delia, tired and in pain, was unable to get to the door to let them in.

The cops broke the door down and rushed in to help. Inside, they found Delia kneeling up against her bed with her newborn baby on his back on the floor. They immediately cut the umbilical cord and got on the phone to give Michael the great news.

Michael, meanwhile, was stuck on nearby Route 3 after his car ran out of gas.

“I tried to started it, the car wouldn’t start,” he said.

His only option was to run the remaining 1.9 miles down the highway towards home until a good Samaritan picked him up and drove him the rest of the way.

Mom and baby are reportedly doing well. She named her baby boy Malachi, which means “my angel, my messenger.”

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