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New York Undercover is back. According to multiple reports, the Fox TV show that pioneered the kind of diverse cast drama that seems like a no-brainer today is heading back to TV screens after 20 years. The 90’s cop drama starred Michael DeLorenzo as Eddie Torres and Malik Yoba as J. C. Williams, two New York City cops. Lauren Velez played Lt. Nina Moreno, who was Torres’ love interest.

The show, which originated on Fox, is again produced by Dick Wolf, who oversees the Chicago Med, Fire and PD franchises, which are a ratings boon for NBC. The reboot of NYU will premiere on ABC in 2019.

New York Undercover ended in controversy 20 years ago amid cast demands for more money. Yoba was particularly vocal about the disrespect he perceived from Wolf. But in Hollywood, all is forgiven when people can reunite for profit.

Yoba will now play the head of the unit and the show will follow detectives Nat Gilmore and Melissa Ortiz, though casting has yet to be announced for either role. DeLorenzo’s character can’t return to the show, as he was killed off in the third season.

Yoba has yet to comment on the reboot but a good sign for this version is that Anthony Hemengway, who produced Underground is on board as one of the executive producers.

Naomi Campbell, George Gore III (who went on to play Damon Wayans’ son on his sitcom) Ice-T, Gladys Knight and Being Mary Jane’s Lisa Vidal were all guest stars on the original show.






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7 thoughts on “It’s Official: ‘New York Undercover’ Returns With Original Cast Members

  1. Yes !! Finally !! I don’t see why they can’t bring Michael DeLorenzo aka Eddie Torres a lot of shows kill people off and the next thing you know they are back . Is Patti De Arnbanville coming back ?

  2. Miss E on said:

    I don’t see why they can’t bring back Michael DeLorenzo as Eddie Torres. They did it with Bobby Ewing on “Dallas”. Just act like Nina Moreno who played his love interest dreamt that he was blown up in that car. Come on Dick Wolf, you can do it. We need JC and Eddie back together again! I can’t wait… Malik Yoba is still one of my favorite actors.

  3. Nicademus on said:

    Lmao yea Natalie’s a lot of great music at that club. Yea Torres died in the 3rd seasosn….but it’s a reboot, you can make the reboot whatever you want ot to be. Say he was working undercover for internal affairs or the feds and he had to let the others believe he was dead for a year because of a case he was working. Nina and JC can be upset with him and not want to work with him. Thats the first years drama rigt there.

  4. okay y’all can bring Eddie back simple he didn’t really die the death was staged and he was sent somewhere to being some covert Mission with the CIAand

  5. Msyellarose on said:

    Oh please let this be for real. I loved that show, and please please please bring back the music (that is if “Natalie’s” hasn’t closed down in the new show!

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