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Culture Fit Clothing

Source: Culture Fit / Culture Fit

If one of your goals this year is to get into better physical shape, then why not become a snack while looking like a snack and doing it all by supporting Black women? Allow us to introduce you to CultureFit; the new, high-performance active wear brand by and for Black women.

Founded in early 2018 by a group of West African descendent women, CultureFit understands the need for athletic gear that fits the many shapes and sizes of Black women. The women of CultureFit believed in a place “where wellness, womanhood, and global consciousness intersect with comfort, body positivity, and the pursuit of a healthy, active lifestyle” and we couldn’t agree more.

Culture Fit Clothing

Source: Culture Fit / Culture Fit

CultureFit prides itself on manufacturing activewear that’s high-quality and high-performance with high-style and showcases our culture infused with modern day tastes. CultureFit’s athletic clothing is made with West African textiles that’ll allow you to work out, look good, feel good and pay homage to the culture. From bras to tops to leggings and even eco-friendly yoga mats, each material is made with moisture-wicking fabric that’ll hug your body type just right and allow you to perform even better as you start to sweat it all out.

Above all else, the CultureFit team believes in open mindedness, a judgement-free zone and having no boundaries and makes all of their products for Black women with these three principles in mind.

As a Black History Month gift, CultureFit is getting us started on our fitness journey by providing 15% off our first CultureFit purchase using the promo code below:


Offer: 15% Off 1st Purchase

Promo Code (applied at checkout): HELLOBEAUTIFUL


For more on CultureFit, visit:

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2 thoughts on “Introducing CultureFit: The Activewear By And For Black Women

  1. Sounds just like every other brand of moisture-wicking athletic wear that’ll “hug your body type just right and will allow you to perform even better as you start to sweat”. I guess the hook is that it’s made by West African descendant women. Whatever floats your boat. It’s just like all these uncomfortably built women strutting around in Victoria Secret’s Pink brand of athletic wear. Nothing at all to do with sweatin’ it out in the gym. More like huffin’ and puffin’ their way around Wally World’s bakery section. Plus it ain’t nothin’ nice seeing a hefty woman flubbering around in big, bold, prints. This stuff is ugly on these normal sized girls. Imagine those big saucer-sized dots on Ms. Thickums Nope.

  2. hoodtechie on said:

    i guess you’ll start seeing all the sisters in the grocery stores,malls,sports bars etc.. wearing these outfits as if they were street clothes exposing all their cellulite,fat rolls and butt dimples and lumps.yyyyuck!!!!!

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