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Does it seem like whenever the white man’s power system impedes on Nick Cannon’s career goals, he’s quick to jump on social media to rant about some pro-black ish?

Meanwhile, when he was recently asked to share his thoughts on Black males who date white women exclusively, his remarks left many scratching their heads while others were simply not surprised by yet another Black man using his large platform to praise the mother of the white race.

In an interview with guest Rizza Islam, posted to his YouTube channel, Cannon attempted to justify why Black men can’t be bothered uplifting and protecting Black women, but would rather overlook them because “White women are looked at as success,” he said.

“In America, we see a white woman — ‘I couldn’t have you. My daddy couldn’t have you. My granddaddy couldn’t have you. I would get killed even looking at you. People, if they thought I whistled at you, they would murder me. Beat me. Drag me down the street. So now, if I play for the NBA, I want them all and I can afford them all, that’s what they are thinking.”

Cannon then goes on to say that this way of “thinking” is apart of the slave mentally.

“It’s like, I was your slave for this long, now I’m going to take your woman because your woman always wanted me, she always has dreamt about me. It was forbidden, now that it isn’t I’m going to show that I’m the superior  being, the dominant original man and I’m going to act within that, therefore that’s why I believe that once you get money, once you get success, you’re not following anyone else’s rules, I’m going to love who I want.”

As expected, his comments sparked much debate in the comments section below the video, with many agreeing with the YouTube user who wrote: “I love nick but he absolutely makes zero sense here. Either you’re pregnant or you aren’t. You can’t be pro black a little bit.”

Another commenter said: “Looka him defending everything but the black woman!”

A third YT user wrote: “Nick is the perfect example of a fake woke person”

User Xavier Jackson added: “Im so glad I saw this segment. This was eye opening to the mindsets of these black men… That I have to honestly say…I DO NOT share. And I’m all for loving someone… If it’s actually love. This mess Nick is talking about is NOT love. White women are symbol of success??? We gone take y’all women??? Ok then Kanye with a turban!!!”

And yet another commenter said: “Farrakhan say that the last weapon against the black man will be the white woman and he was 100% correct.”

Many viewers seem to agree that Nick’s overall message is the extermination of dark skin because “Whole world gonna be beige anyway.”

This could explain why Nick married and had children with the “whitest” so-called Black women he could find in Hollywoodland (Mariah Carey).

After noting how white women participated in the rape of male slaves and their role in the ongoing oppression of the Black man and destruction of Black family structure in America, Rizza stated:

“So you’re telling me, the Black woman who has been there for us the whole damn time, who was there for us when we were getting lynched, who was there for us when we were getting whipped, every day, who was there for us to heal our wounds, to give us consolation of mind, to give us peace and quiet of mind, to help us to get through another day, you telling me she doesn’t deserve at least…if you can give up on a Black woman so easily, you don’t deserve no other woman because you have demonstrated you can’t give enough love to who needs it most.”

Scroll up and watch the conversation via the clip above. What’s your take on Nick’s commentary?

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