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A South Carolina lawmaker is working on passing a bill that will require High School students to take a personal finance class. The class will teach them about budgeting, taxes, insurance and how to not end up buried in debt. The class will be mandatory for high school graduation. DL thinks this class is a great idea!

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One thought on “Jazzy Report: South Carolina Will Require High Schools To Teach A Personal Finance Class

  1. Ernestine Morrison on said:

    Let’s hope this trend becomes nation-
    al in the Board of Education across
    America and trickle down to elementary
    schools. It was stated that 18 yr olds
    will have to save over $300+ monthly
    to be able to afford a house by age 30
    Really,can’t get that to compute. Too
    many homeless adults and children in
    2019 already. YIKES

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