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CNN host Chris Cuomo tried it… and then failed at his attempt to shade California Sen. Kamala Harris, who announced on Monday her candidacy for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.

Cuomo reacted to the news by suggesting she show proof of citizenship before she kicks off her campaign trail. The news anchor made the comment on Twitter after an alt-righter said Harris is ineligible to run for the presidency because her father, a Jamaican immigrant, and her mother, an Indian immigrant, were not legal residents for five years before her birth, per mediaite.com.

Twitter users Jacob A. Wohl wrote:

Kamala Harris is NOT eligible to be President.

Her father arrived from Jamaica in 1961—mother from India arrived in 1960. Neither parent was a legal resident for 5 years prior to Harris’s birth, a requirement for naturalization

Kamala was raised in Canada

Wohl was swiftly slammed by many, including CNN commentator Ana Navarro, who wrote: “Here we go again with the “birther” crap. Same drummed-up charge used against Obama to question his citizenship and legitimacy. Hmmmmm…..I wonder what Obama and @KamalaHarris have in common?

Cuomo responded to Navarro by noting that questions regarding whether Harris is constitutionally eligible for the White House are reasonable. But folks were not having it… and the journalist was quickly called out for suggesting the lawmaker produce proof of her birth in Oakland, CA.

Check out some of the reactions below.

After being hit by a wave of criticism, Cuomo deleted his previous tweet and posted an update explaining that his original post was taken out of context.

“Deleted my original tweet because it was taken literally the opposite way that I intended it. Sen Harris has no duty to justify any such accusation, let alone a birtherism attack. You accuse, you prove. That was my point. Apologize for confusion.”

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11 thoughts on “CNN’s Chris Cuomo Slammed After Suggesting Kamala Harris Prove Her U.S. Citizenship

  1. Theresa Rodriguez on said:

    Keep in mind that neither Cruz nor Rubio are eligible to the Presidency and obama claimed Natural Born Citizen status thru his Mother, a U S Citizen.

  2. Theresa Rodriguez on said:

    Not a matter of proving Citizenship. IS a matter of proving NATURAL BORN CITIZEN as required by Constitution. To be eligible to the U S Presidency, at least ONE Parent must attain U S Citizenship BEFORE the birth of a U S Citizen to be considered a Natural Born Citizen as required by the Constitution and by decisions of the SCOTUS. I have not heard that either her Mother or Father, both Immigrants, attained Citizenship before her birth. If not, then NO she is NOT eligible.

  3. Looks like Jamima Light brown just thought she was going into a cream-puff interview
    wait till all the Willie Brown and other past scandal sheet items start coming to light
    coo-dells to CNN though I’m guessing their azzes are still sting from those 2 colossal
    fake news blunders over the weekend

  4. Here we go again`another TRUMPERTIRE making CHUMPED UP accusations?????Ms Harris this is only the beginning so I hope you CARRY THAT BIG ASS STICK AND WALK VERY VERY SOFTLY. The DOGS ARE OUT TO GETTCHA so be ready and AWARE. ALL THE LUCK TO YA(You GET My VOTE) and may GOD bless!!!!!!!!!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!

  5. Passing Through!! on said:

    One reporter mentioned to Kamala that she is African American and Indian the asked her “how do you identify yourself?” other words (on the low) what race are you. She answered “I’m a proud American.” So let the racism/sexism begin.

  6. Michael Hunt on said:

    why does the white media and any klan shithole with a media voice challenge any person of color running for president with this birther shit, this kkkountry was stole from native Americans and whites want birther shit from non whites,get real klan shithole whites or go back to Europe

  7. I don’t knw why she wants to be thrown into this racist fire, called a presidential election. Her chances are slim to none. I’m just keeping it real.

  8. So, the turds on the RIGHT are starting their BIRTHER mess again.
    Leave Kamala Harris alone.
    She is a US citizen and IS ELIGIBLE TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT IN 2020!!!!!!!!!!

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