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A young Arkansas mother named Destiny Dennis, 21, was killed in Jacksonville on Jan 4.

Dennis’ mother, Emily Anne Martin, told Action News Jax that Destiny lived in Arkansas, had a six-month-old daughter, and was just passing through Jacksonville.

“Destiny was a very loving person very kindhearted, help anybody she could, strong-willed, liked to do things her way, but she was a pretty good judge of character,” said Martin.

In addition to her daughter, Dennis reportedly leaves behind nine brothers, and one sister.

According to Action News, Martin mother believes her daughter was killed as a result of a possible robbery attempt at a gas station. Dennis’ baby daughter was reportedly with her at the time.

“It would be a relief because we would know what happened to her and that the person who did it would be held accountable, however, it’s still not going to bring my baby back but I would like to know what happened,” said Martin.

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8 thoughts on “21-Year-Old Arkansas Mother Killed In Florida

  1. Mac Daddy on said:

    Another weave wearing baby mama putting herself in harms way with poor decisions. Yes PT it is depressing, but when are black women going to learn and take responsibility for their actions? WHEN

    • White women wear weaves and make poor decisions, too. A young woman lost her life and your stupid, low life azz have the nerve to make racist comments. It’s obvious that whoever raised your foolish azz failed!!

      • He can’t help himself, there’s deep rooted mommie dearest issues going with him, sad to say, his mother surely didn’t take responsibility when conceiving a fool like him, she should have flushed him, such hate he has for black woman, he’s probably dating a saltine.

    • She was a prostitute! I knew it had nothing to do with a robbery! The family knew the deal and put that damn lie out there knowing this girl was not what they portrayed! All these families do this – when one of theirs gets killed they try to paint this grand light on them which is false.

    • PhoenixRixing on said:

      PT, I thought the same thing yesterday. I don’t know who’s doing the searching, but they’re doing a piss poor job!

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