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Beyoncè’s mother, Tina Lawson, decided to comment on the R. Kelly controversy and her social media followers were quick to drag her because her son-in-law hardly has a scandal free reputation.

As reported by Celebrity Insider, Tina was quickly reminded that there is more than a ten-year gap Jay-Z and her daughter. Not to mention is shady past relationship with a teenaged Foxy Brown.

Jada Pinkett Smith recently did an interview with one of R. Kelly’s accusers on an episode of “Red Table Talk.” The actress dished with Lisa Van Allen about Lifetime’s docu-series, Surviving R. Kelly. Lisa says she was 17 when she and the R&B singer had a romantic relationship.

“I came out in 2008 and nobody heard me. In 2008, there weren’t any movements, nobody else was talking about it. I came out hoping that I could help the victims and the girl on the tape because I knew her family wasn’t going to speak. So I felt like, somebody has to stand up. They threatened my life. There was a lot I was dealing with. I was pregnant. You can’t let that stuff stop you. You can’t be afraid.”

If you missed the conversation, peep the clip above.

PInkett Smith responded by saying: “Man, how complicit we all have been. That really broke my heart, to really think about it. We ignored it. I think that’s been very heartbreaking for me, just how harsh the reactions have been.”

Beyonce’s mother wrote a message where she backed the accusers but many slammed both Tina and Jada for being hypocrites.

One follower replied: “Girl your 16 yo daughter met Jay when he was 28. Bye!”

Another wrote: “The hypocrisy of it all. How can Jada say you think you’re grown at 16, but she let her son move out at 15?”

And yet commenter added: “She was a hypocrite a few years ago CPS investigated Jada and Will because Willow was pictured in the bed at 14 age with a 21-year-old man. So don’t praise her. She is part of the problem if it’s wrong for R. Kelly, it’s wrong for all of us.”

Many agreed with the commenter who noted: “I think all of Hollywood needs to be shut down and investigated. These perverts both Male and Female rape and [molest] kids and teenagers while hiding behind their money. It no secret that our government protects the rich and the famous. most get away with murder,rape,tax invasion,noone ever shows up for court and they get a slap on the wrist and are able to go out and commit the same crimes. 🤔and then there’s the Government and politicians who go over seas to fk little boys and girls because they get away with it. we wonder why most [pedophiles] get little no know jail time through our justice system. Nothing will ever change because the problem just isnt R kelly it’s way bigger then him.”

Do you think fans went too hard on Ms. Tina? Sound off below.

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26 thoughts on “Tina Knowles Dragged For Comments In Support Of R. Kelly Accusers

    • @MacDad: I would not fight U brother. I beckon U to study the 1st Chp. of the Book of Luke wherein U will see that I am only stating that which is written in the 1st Chp. of the Book of Luke. Theology 101 teaches Mary was a “teenage pregnancy” & same Theology teaches Mary went “full term” meaning 9 months AFTER she was IMPREGNATED by the Holy Ghost [GOD].

  1. charles on said:

    Solution ALL PEDOPHILES shud be CASTRATED AND DEDICKED and the problem would be solved for the near future.Children shud be guided and loved and not USED AND ABUSED!!!!Lot of SICK MOFOs out there!!!!!!!!!!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

    • @Arthur, The very words identifying Jesus as “The Son of God” are saying to the WORLD that GOD is his Daddy. U are The Son of Mr. Kimble; Everybody is “The Son of some Father’ is the proper context of the words “The Son of God.”

      • Theo: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeez stop with the Jesus God Mary BS. If you could explain why a so called god would let children be molested then you would be on to something. But it can’t be explained because there is no god. It’s just life, and unfortunately S happens

      • @Kelli: In all due respect, according to the Bible [1st Chp. of Luke] a Holy Ghost IMPREGNATED the virgin Mary. The baby boy was given the name “Jesus” as Mary was told by the Angel Garbiel to call him “Jesus”. By virtue of GOD being the FATHER of Jesus, he is known as “The Son of GOD” which is traced back to GOD impregnating the virgin Mary as is shown in the 1st Chap. of Luke. This is not my opinion…the Bible clearly makes this clear in the 1st Chp. of Luke, which shows this subject is not my opinion.

  2. @ Theo…your comment is the dumbest uninformed comment I have ever read in my entire 67 years of living. God did not (as you stated) knocked up Mary. READ YOUR BIBLE!!!!!!!!!!
    God did not have physical fleshly sexual contact with Mary!!!!!. Dumber than a pile of rocks!

    • @Gladys: I beckon thee to read the 1st Chp. of the Book of Luke on this subject. Mary went full-term or 9 Months…this Holy Ghost or GOD did impregnate or Knocked-Mary-Up. The Truth is Joseph was the Biological Daddy of Jesus, which is proven in the 1st Chap. of Matthew via the Genealogy of Jesus. “Seek and ye shall find.”

  3. The Virgin Mary was 13 yrs. of age, some Religious Scholars say she was 14, some say 15 when GOD knocked-up her up with baby Jesus. In our world, GOD would be a “dirty-old-man” for knocking-up a minor as Mary was. GOD suppose to BE THE EXAMPLE for Humanity…….

      • @Youdon’tknow…..I was reared on the Bible….in the Book of Luke, it is written that the Angel Gabriel told Mary that a Holy Ghost would come “upon” Mary. The Religious Scholars concur that Mary was 13 yrs. of age, some say 14, some say 15 is NOT my opinion, but the Theory of Religious Scholars. As such this Holy Ghost or GOD KNOCKED-UP Mary or IMPREGNATED Mary with the baby Jesus. Mary was equivalent to what we call a “teenage pregnancy.”

  4. COMMENTATOR GOT IT RIGHT—R.Kelley is singled out of the MANY who are committing the same sins. “He who is without sin, let him cast the 1st stone.”

  5. t courtney on said:

    This is really old and tired. Somebody bring up Elvis. Priscilla was 13 when he started messing with her. Chuck Berry got in trouble. There is nothing new under the sun. I do know for a fact that the average 15 or 16 year old girl knows exactly what they’re doing. Ignorance to the law is no exception for R as to the consensual age is 17 I believe.

  6. I think we need to stay focused on the problem at hand and that’s R Kelly abuse to underage black girls, I can’t understand why so many out there want to defend him,you can’t defend him. What really is sad is that if one of the victims was a white underage girl, if just one was white,he wouldn’t be walking around free.

    • No, the problem at hand is poor parenting and not discouraging young girls to strive for success on their own and not look for it in entertainers and celebrities. That’s the real problem because there would be no issue if they weren’t following R Kelly around.

      • americanize on said:

        @The Duke What parent allows a 14yr old to be in a studio hrs. with R Kelly.And after 20yrs everybody in America knows how R Kelly rolls,still follows him to his house.And last but not lesse,not a single female has press charges against Kelly.

  7. I don’t think that Tina Knowles should’ve been dragged on social media for her comments regarding PEDOPHILE R Kelly.

    Ms. Knowles has a right to her opinion. As for her holding her son-in laws feet to the fire-
    that’s a horse of another color.

    Lets go back and remember that Marvin Gaye also liked young, underage girls.
    In fact, his wife Jan was a minor when her and Marvin Gaye met.
    I don’t recall any OUTCRY from the African American community about them.

    Either we HOLD ALL MEN who do shady things with children accountable or
    simply STFU.

  8. Destinys Child had their first hit in 1997 when Betonce was 16 accordingly to her bio the met on a plane when she was 18 or 19. I dont see the comparisons. Not to say Jay is an angel. When they made Bonnie and Clyde she was 20. R. On the other hand is a predator and a manipulator who preys. That’s my opinion.

  9. I know the fans did not go too hard on Miss Tina. Jay-Z ain’t no different than R.Kelly. he like teenagers too. Beyonce is years younger than Jay-Z. But she didn’t care she wanted more Fame and wanted to be mrs. Carter. Being mrs. Carter didn’t stop him from cheating and lusting after young women. Becky was what JZ wanted. Beyonce better realize that that she is aging and she’s not a teenager anymore. she was young when she got him so she should know the next young Becky going to get him again. Looks and babies can’t hold a man Beyonce got to know what to do to keep Jay-Z. She wasn’t doing what she was supposed to be doing cause Becky got in. Congratulation to you Becky whoever you maybe cause Beyonce thought she had Jay-Z tied down.

  10. Mildred l White on said:

    Tina needs to pray for her perverted son. Jay Z. Please ctfu Mrs. Tina. Jay is going to jail if R Kelly goes. People watch and learn. Just ask Bill Cosby.

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