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(Joseph C. Phillips Twitter)

Cosby Show” star Joseph C. Phillips, and former EURweb political contributor, has scored a huge victory in court in the form of spousal and child support from his ex-wife Nicole Phillips after she filed for divorce, per The

Nicole had requested that the judge not grant her estranged husband spousal support but her request was denied. According to The Blast, Mr. Phillips will receive spousal and child support from his ex-wife, whom he was married to for 23 years.

Here’s a breakdown of what he’s set to receive:

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Phillips will get $833 per month in child support for the couple’s 17-year-old son. The support payments are retroactive to August 2018, so Joseph will get $4,165 for the last five months.

As far as spousal support goes, Phillips will get $2,258 for the months of November and December of 2018. He will then receive $1,659 per month, beginning this month.

Nicole Phillips was also ordered to pay Joseph $5,000 to help cover his legal fees.

It’s unclear what occupation Nicole currently holds, but she clearly bags more income than her famous ex.


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25 thoughts on “Judge Grants ‘Cosby Show’ Star Joseph C. Phillips Spousal And Child Support From Ex-Wife

  1. Where are the REAL MEN at these days?
    What REAL fucking MAN accepts $$$$ from a Woman?
    Men of Color seem to have that “PIMP” mentality these days.

    First it was Mary J. Blige’s POS ex-Kendu-looking for his handout.
    Halle Berry had to pay that boy Eric Benet $$$
    and now this fool.

    Back in the day, MEN GOT JOBS/WERE EMPLOYED–they did not bank on receiving $$$ THEY DID NOT EARN NOR WERE ENTITLED TO.

    Brotha’s are just HATING because some of US EARN WAY MORE THAN THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Fleta Wright on said:

    When you stop doing what is needed to support your family because that is what your spouse wants or feel is needed because thier job is better you should get what you need when the relationship is over. Undoubtedly the son agree’s with The father Because that is who He is going to be living with until He is considered to be grown. When you give up all that you know how to do to make money because this is what your partner wants then you should get what you need when what your partner wants is to leave you and your child.

  3. Lisa Atampuri on said:

    Even though he can legally collect spousal support, how can he as a man take it? What a loser. That’s right. He’s a Republican. Talking big, but can’t stand on his own like a man. Thank God my husband is an African man. He doesn’t even want me paying a bill.

  4. Samantha Witherspoon Morris on said:

    I believe it’s fair based on both parties Income. He’s always been so ultra Conservative and snooty.

  5. About dam time the man get something instead of seeing the woman in the courtroom with those crocodile tears and their award winning acting skills cleaning the man out financially.
    I wonder why she doesn’t have the kids not saying but saying she’s an unfit mother

  6. marc bryant on said:

    But if it was a woman yall would be screaming about her getting what she deserves. You cant have equality in the workplace and nowhere else.

    • Big Willie style on said:

      He is not a creep. You hear that in most American courtrooms all too often. You know what I’m talking about. When you get everything the car the house the kitchen sink and all the money in the kids. I’m glad the pendulum swung the other way. Remember all’s fair in love and war. What’s mine is hers and hers is minde

  7. Ted Gravely on said:

    Turn about is fair play. Child support has an end. Hopefully spousal support ain’t for 23 years. If you have a house spouse or one that makes very little income, you most definitely will get stuck like chuck with spousal and child support payments. God bless them.

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