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Tone Kapone from WGCI has confirmed he’s dating former ‘RHOA’ star Phaedra Parks.

In a clip shared on Twitter and Instagram, Tone says, “Yes me and Phaedra are dating. Okay cool that’s the big moment everybody was waiting for. It was kinda self-explanatory on her page…”

Scroll down and hear it from his own mouth in the IG embed clip below.

Fans were left with all types of questions when Parks shared a photo on IG of her and Tone together on January 1, and captioned it “2019 we are ready.”

Phaedra was previously married to her former ‘RHOA’ co-star Apollo Nida. He’s currently incarcerated on fraud charges. They share two sons together, Ayden, 8, and Dylan, 5.

Last month, Parks told PEOPLE about her new mystery man (she didn’t mention Kapone specifically): “I have a special guy that I’ve been seeing,” she said. “I’m really excited. We haven’t introduced him to the world but he’s a baby doll. He looks like a treat because he is a treat. He’s a great guy.”

Meanwhile, Nida is expected to be released from his eight-year prison sentence in 2020 after pleading guilty to bank fraud and identity theft in May 2014 (the same year they split).

“We have two beautiful sons together,” Parks told PEOPLE. “I’ll always be grateful for that. I’m hoping he will get married to whomever he is engaged to, honey, and he will be out of my hair.”

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4 thoughts on “Confirmed! Phaedra Parks Is Dating Radio Personality Tone Kapone

  1. tonni caraway on said:

    she married who she wanted to.everyone deserves forgiveness, if God forgives who are we not I’ll say to mrs parks good luck and be happy.hope to see you soon.maybe a reality show of your own.i’m praying for you were so much fun.

  2. That’s what Phaedra gets for marry Mr. “pretty boy.”
    She was supposed to be all about church-so why did she marry a THUG???????
    Bye, girlllllllllll

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