Wendy Williams is soldiering through more health challenges again which caused her to miss Monday’s taping of her daytime talk show, and fans definitely noticed.

One Twitter user wrote: “According to my program guide, today we were supposed to be treated to an all new episode of @WendyWilliams. It even said something about the holiday gift grab. Instead, I get a repeat of last months episode? What happened?”

A bone fracture is what happened.

“I have a hair fracture on my right shoulder,” Williams told viewers on Tuesday, (Dec. 18), concealing her sling under a pink sweater. “And I did it on Sunday. And by Monday morning, my shoulder was on fire.”

Which is why she missed a taping of the talk show Monday morning.

“There’s no way I could have done yesterday’s show,” she explained on Tuesday. “I was all about the medical care yesterday, from one doctor to the other.”

The former radio host assured fans she’s well on her way on the road to recovery.

“I’m on the mend,” she said. “I don’t need an operation. They tell me I’m very healthy for, um … a person after 50. I don’t need an operation, and I’m not wearing a hard cast. But I do have a sling. … Staff, crew, the show will go on!”

As noted by Us Weekly, viewers expressed concern across social media when a rerun of the show aired on Monday.

“Think she’s sick or something,” one fan tweeted. “Wendy doesn’t just miss shows.”

Another wrote: “I know damn well #WendyWilliams not feeling good. Sending my prayers.”

The fracture comes a little over a year after Wendy fainted on-air during her Halloween episode.

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