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Mechelle Epps, the ex-wife of comedian Mike Epps, is reportedly ditching her famous last name and returning to her maiden name, McCain.

As reported by, the actress/producer is relaunching her career as Mechelle McCain.

She explains:

It’s my time. Right now, women are having a moment. We’re no longer comfortable playing second fiddle or being treated like second-class citizens. We’re making our presence known by lifting our voices in politics, business, entertainment, music, and other professions as well.

With a new self-awareness, I’m proud to be a part of this new wave of women empowerment. I put blood, sweat, and tears in a 15-year relationship that didn’t work out. As the mother of two girls, I want to demonstrate to them that you can pick up your life, chase your dreams and start anew. I want to be the best example of #girlpower to them.

Mechelle and Mike wed in 2005 and share two daughters together. According to the report, Mechelle put her acting career on hold to focus on being a mother and wife. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out and the couple called it quits after 15 years together. The pair split in 2017.

Epps is now engaged to OWN television producer, Kyra Robinson.

Mechelle, meanwhile, devotes her time as a philanthropist with her non-profit, Kids Love and Health Foundation. The organization is dedicated to teaching health and wellness to underprivileged through a variety of programs.

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