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African American woman praying at home.

Source: skynesher / Getty

17-year-old, Kimberly Mendoza got dressed for bed and like every night got down to pray at her home in Harris County. According to ABC13, the teen was shot in the arm while praying. The incident happened around 11pm and missed Mendoza’s head by inches.

She recalled that night she was shot and said, “I feel something but I don’t realize what happened.”

Reports state that the bullet came through the wall behind her and grazed her arm. That evening she was asking God for strength and received that and more.

Lastly, deputies believe the bullet came from an apartment complex near her home. She was taken to the hospital right after the incident and was treated. No arrests have been made as of yet, but we’re so happy God spared her life.

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5 thoughts on “17-Year-Old Girl Shot While Praying In Bedroom [VIDEO]

  1. Just as DRUGS flooded our communities back in the late 1980’s-now it is Guns.
    Bullets have no names on them-folks don’t seem to realize that or even care
    when they shoot off guns.

    People of Color had better SAVE those damn bullets.
    The REVOLUTION is not far behind and that AMMO WILL COME IN HANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If anything from last nites election results should’ve SHOWN US–NO ONE CARES ABOUT US-BUT US–THEREFORE, IT IS TIME TO FIGHT OUR OWN DAMN BATTLES.

    TIME TO REMOVE THE GUNS FROM OUR HOODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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