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Police officer arresting a young man at night

(Susan Chiang)

Authorities say the armed robbery seemed to be going according to plan. 26-year-old Donte Grayer had pulled out his gun and was led by the manager to the safe in the back office, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

But things went left when Grayer accidentally shot himself in the leg. He was  taken to the hospital and into custody, the sheriff’s office said.

Witnesses told police a man entered the Georgia McDonald’s in a black and red wig and asked to speak with a manager. Grayer then “brandished a handgun and told the manager to take him to the back office and open the safe. The manager complied with his demands,” the sheriff’s office said.

While Grayer and the manager were in the back office witnesses heard a gunshot followed by a male screaming for help.

Grayer was reportedly found on the ground wearing only his boxers, with the wig laying nearby. Money and other articles of clothing were also found.

He is reportedly  in stable condition, and is expected to be taken to the Jail when he is released from the hospital. The alleged robbery is under investigation.

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7 thoughts on “Man Wearing Multicolored Wig Allegedly Shoots Himself While Robbing Mcdonald’s

  1. Now Phoenix, you know it wasn’t the meth – – he was only using meth because of his mental defect. They can never take responsibility for the carnage and devastation they cause….it’s always some freakin’ mental defect or episode which they could so easily resolve if they would stop inbreeding…..

  2. Mac Daddy not Baby Daddy on said:

    If these fool azz black men would man up and take one of the many jobs, that’s JOBS that Trumps winning economy has produced, we wouldn’t have this shiggidy going on every damm day

    • Phoenix Rising on said:

      If these fool azz white men would man up, leave that meth alone, in addition to getting out of that trailer park, three girl scouts and an adult woman would be alive today. News flash: White meth head kills four while sniffing OCTANE fumes while attempting to drive. We wouldn’t have this shiggidy going on every damn day.

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