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                                                      (Dallas County Sheriff’s Department)

An 18-year-old has been charged with capital murder in a shooting that Dallas police believe was in retaliation against a girl who reported a sexual assault, Dallas News reports.

Demarcus Coleman has been at the Dallas County Jail since he was arrested on unrelated charges in August. Police announced the murder charge Nov. 1.

On Aug. 4, Coleman reportedly opened fire at Xavier McMullen, 25, and a 14-year-old girl who were standing in the breezeway of an apartment complex.

McMullen was killed and the girl was treated at a local hospital and released. After leaving the hospital she told police the shooter is the friend of a person who had sexually assaulted her and had been arrested.

She told police she had been communicating online with the accused shooter about the sexual assault, according to Dallas News.

Police reviewed phone and Instagram conversations, including one in which the girl was reportedly said to be pregnant, the News stated.

Detectives found a call between Coleman and two other people from four days after the shooting. In it, Coleman says that the girl “got killed” and “that ain’t no case no more,” according to police.

His bail is set at $1,106,000.

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7 thoughts on “Teen Charged With Capital Murder In Slaying That Targeted Teen Who Reported Sexual Assault

  1. I actually thought this was the story of the young lady that was babysitting, and the ladies boyfriend assaulted her, she told and he shot, and killed her. These twoare similar. Just showing that our young men need to be taught early about respect, and what not to do, cause if this continues, its gon continue to be. One dead, one in prison, and that’s sad. #letsmentor

  2. jhuf, if you are going to comment on this thread, at least let it be based on true facts, not something spawned out of your ignorant, racist, bigoted perception. He said the biggest terror threat to this “country” – – he did not say anything about any ethnic group. Show us that there is a reason for your existence beyond your ignorance.

  3. If he did in fact do this, lock his raggedy ass so far back in prison that they won’t be able to pump sunshine to him. The death penalty is too good for him – – he should suffer with every breath he has left to breath on this earth.

    • Ted Gravely on said:

      S.D. – I agree, but sadly this young man would thrive in that prison environment. Mentally he is already locked up. Destructive from within. More work to do.

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