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2016 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival - Day 5

Source: Leon Morris / Getty

Lauryn Hill is adding some extra money to her bank account after her cousin was found guilty of swindling her out of $65,000. The Jasmine Brand reports that Hill loaned the money to her cousin, Gerald Hill with the condition that he would have to pay 10% interest if the money wasn’t given back in three months. Recently a judge found him guilty and now he must pay his cousin back.

When Lauryn realized that her cousin didn’t intend to pay her back she decided to take him to court. The two never signed a contract, but the judge decided to hold him accountable and ruled in Lauryn’s favor.

Lauryn recently made headlines after kicking Nas and Santigold off the tour and showing up late to shows. After getting sick, Lauryn decided to cancel several concerts until next year. We hope fans are able to get the show they paid for in the future.

Lauryn Hill Then And Now
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5 thoughts on “Lauryn Hill’s Cousin Forced To Pay Her Back The $65,000 He Borrowed

  1. Nikole on said:

    I dont really care about her being late we still enjoyed the show. You know Its Lauryn you know shes going to come out late so I would never go at the time doors ipen…

  2. I wouldn’t pay 5cents to see Ms. Hill.
    She can be on c.p. time all she wants–COUNT ME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I guess after her income tax mess with the IRS-she needs all the $$$ she can get her hands on.

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