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Adrienne Bailon and her husband, Israel Houghton have been married since 2016. Last year on the show “The Real,” she spoke about how she wanted to start a family and was very excited about it. According to Essence, during a recent show, Bailon shared that she thought getting pregnant was going to be easy.



Over time it has become a struggle that she is currently dealing with. She said,”There’s so many preconceived notions, like having wide hips and the fact that I’m Latina — I thought that if my husband looked at me I’d get pregnant.” She spoke about how people have been speculating a lot because they might think she’s gaining weight and believes people are being “insensitive” about the situation, but don’t know what’s really going on.

Bailon said,”I know you guys are like, ‘Is she pregnant?’ ‘Her face is fuller’— FYI I’ve always had a really chubby face so that’s not what it is. I think that as an audience we should be sensitive to the fact that everybody doesn’t get pregnant right away.” Despite it all she has faith it will happen when it’s supposed to.

On the show she said, “I’ve had to come to peace with that it’ll happen when it’s God’s timing and I believe in that and I have faith in all of that. But it can be really discouraging and it can be really frustrating.” Bailon isn’t the first celebrity to talk about her difficulties with trying to conceive and we pray she gets the family she’s always wanted.


Adrienne Bailon Opens Up About Her Struggle To Have A Baby [VIDEO] was originally published on getuperica.com

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