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As far as we know  Keri Hilson has been single since she and her NFL player beau, Ricardo Lockette called it quits last year. It has been rumored that Hilson has been in the studio working on new music. But recently she took to Instagram to say she is remaining meticulous when it comes settling down and getting married. She shared a caption that read:

“Sure, I’d like to be married someday – but not enough to do with the wrong person. So if you EVA see “Keri” walk down that aisle, even if I’m old & can rest assured – I didn’t settle.”

After sharing her thoughts, her comment section was swarming with questions and comments. One user questioned if her expectations were too high. She responded,

“To have a man compliment my life, who is equally yoked in the things that MATTER like loyalty, virtue, depth, compassion, and love & respect for God, someone who understands healthy relational boundaries & pushes me to be my best self while supporting each other’s dreams? Someone who has evolved from his lower self & constantly evolving? Someone who has learned his lessons & strives to be a great human being? Someone who holds my heart carefully & treats me well? Who is wise enough to lead me? Nah. And I don’t think God puts anything in our hearts that we are not capable of having.”

Do you agree? Or do you think she’s asking for too much? Let us know in the comments.

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