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Tennis umpires are pushing to unionize after Carlos Ramos—the umpire at the center of the storm surrounding Serena Williams at the US Open, was “thrown under a bus” by the powers that be.

The Times of London reports that there is a growing concern that umpires feel they were “not supported by the USTA” on several occasions and cite one anonymous source claiming that umpires are considering boycotting matches played by Williams.

The source tells The Times that some umpires believe that Ramos was “thrown to the wolves for simply doing his job and was not willing to be abused for it” and that they are considering “to refuse any match assignments involving Williams until she apologizes for vilifying Ramos and calling him a ‘liar’ and a ‘thief.’”


As noted by Yahoo, Williams was assessed three code violations during the loss to Naomi Osaka. Ramos warned her against receiving coaching early in the second set, which she protested.

Williams explained her anger in the post-match media conference, saying Ramos “never took a game from a man because he said ‘thief.’”

Adding, “For me, it blows my mind, but I’m going to continue to fight for women. The fact that I have to go through this is just an example for the next person.”

Williams was later fined $17,000 for her outburst.

“The umpiring fraternity is thoroughly disturbed at being abandoned by the WTA,” Ings told ESPN. “They are all fearful that they could be the next Ramos. They feel that no one has their back when they have to make unpopular calls.”

The International Tennis Federation released a statement Monday in support of Ramos.

“Carlos Ramos is one of the most experienced and respected umpires in tennis,” the statement reads. “Mr. Ramos’ decisions were in accordance with the relevant rules and were re-affirmed by the U.S. Open’s decision to fine Serena Williams for the three offenses.”

Ramos spoke publicly Tuesday for the first time since the match in an interview with Tribuna Expresso in his native Portugal.

“I’m fine, given the circumstances,” he said. “It’s a delicate situation, but a la carte arbitration does not exist. Do not worry about me.”

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9 thoughts on “Serena Williams: Tennis Umpires Consider Boycott Of Her Matches Following U.S. Open Outburst

  1. I love the Williams’ sistah’s and have followed their tennis careers from the beginning.
    I do believe that Serena and Venus who are TWO of the BEST FEMALE tennis players
    in the world are now receiving a lot of backlash from ugly RACIST whites both in this country and abroad who do not appreciate WOMEN of COLOR TOTALLY DOMINATING a sport that
    was originally only played on the white country club circuits.

    Former male tennis BRAT John McEnroe was a RUTHLEES/ARROGANT TURD when he played the sport. It was nothing for Mac to throw a tantrum or throw his racket at the umpire due to a call in which he disagreed.

    We all know that the rules of the game are different for white males than for urban Women of Color-so it should not come as a surprise what Serena has and continues to go through every time she takes the court to play.

    Her choice of clothing is scrutinized and criticized, her every move is watched and

    She should be used to ALL of THIS and know how to RISE above it.

    Keep your heads up my Sistah’s—PLAY YOUR DAMN GAME—SCREW ALL THOSE UMPS WITH BROOMSTICKS!!!!!!!!!!

  2. African American Woman on said:

    He has the right to do what he wants. If he felt insulted or attacked; he has every right to take a stand. Just like Serena felt that she could have a tantrum; he has the right not to take that. I’m tired of us acting like other black people have the right to do anything they want to other races, but then when they react; all of a sudden, it’s racism. TFOH…we really need to grow up.

    • Did Serena cry racism OR sexism?
      She was acting like all the OTHERS have acted and but she got penalized. Are there 2 sets of rules for women and men on decorum. Speaking of DECORUM, considering the history of this sport, I would guess that there are rules still on the books that are sexist and should be addressed.

      • African American Woman on said:

        She did cry racism and sexism and others have gotten fines for this type of behavior.

  3. Serena is a biggg draw in the tennis world so money always talks. We will see how that works for them. There are alot of haters that don’t want her to win another major. Play smart Serena

  4. When Serena and Venus exit the tennis stage…trust and believe it will go back to the boring state it used to be before they graced it with their phenomenal presence

  5. americanize on said:

    Oh Oh Serena this is not about gender,the white folks are ready to put you back in line,so sad are you going to apologize,what does ur white husband has to say about all this,does he stand by his wife or his white brothers.Bedwenching doesn’t protect you.Black America you have no friends.

    • tedgravely on said:

      Ken, exactly. A black woman calls out their shenanigans – how dare she. The WTA should fire their behinds. Just like when the air traffic controllers thought they were going to strike/boycott. Reagan fired them and in carrying out his threat, Reagan also imposed a lifetime ban on rehiring the strikers. Now air traffic control is a lot more complicated, so I assure you college and other umps are ready for the opportunity.

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