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A Houston, TX area woman nearly lost her life after she was run over by thieves who attempted to snatch her purse containing $75,000 in cash. Yes, you read that right. She was run over. The wild surveillance video shows the woman arriving to a Valero gas station she co-owns with her husband. Seconds later a robber hopped out of a black SUV and attempted to snatch her purse, but she held on to the purse for dear life, reports SandraRose.

As the woman fought with the robber, her husband saw the attempted robbery and dashed outside to help her. Another thief approached and joined the melee as all three rolled around on the ground trying to gain control of the purse.

One of the thieves dragged the woman along the asphalt while the other fought with her husband. Eventually the SUV backed over the woman and dragged her but she still refused to release her grip on the purse.

See the video below:

Help, I’ve Been Robbed: Celebrity Victims of Theft
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12 thoughts on “Texas Thieves Run Over Woman As She Hangs On To Purse With $75,000!

  1. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    BLM?????? Care to stand up and protest????? Now had the police or victims shot and killed these 2 idiots there would be marching and protesting………………Hypocrites!!!!!!

    • Phoenix Rising on said:

      Yawn….Here you go with your hypotheticals again. BLM?? Educate yourself and stop being a parrot without knowing exactly what the hell you’re talking about. Talking about hypocrites….you’re just a repeating parrot. Pls get a new line.

    • I am a black person who does not take to the street to protest on behalf of anyone in the process of commiting crimes getting shot by police. The problem is police should not shoot unarmed or fleeing perpretrators. I know most people would’ve clearly understood the police taking decisive LEGAL action in this case.

      I do agree with other posters the husband should have been armed. I am soooo glad the wife and hubby are okay – physically that is.

  2. Phoenix Rising on said:

    Stupid mofos everywhere! See, @Mac Dummy & JPunk, you’re not the only ones. Let’s also not forget Hoodwreckie and the rest of your slimy ilk.

  3. americanize on said:

    If you have to carry that much cash you should be armed and not by yourself.As for the dusty azz ni**as they will be caught.

  4. Who walks around the streets with 75K in their purse???????????

    I don’t think that I would’ve grasped on to the purse like that.
    If the thugs were that determined, rather than possibly lose my LIFE-
    I would’ve given up the damn $$$$$.

    It’s only some dead PRESIDENTS. You can earn more $$$$-
    You only have one LIFE!!!!!!!!!

    Thankfully, the woman was not injured during this ordeal.

  5. African American Woman on said:

    I only wish this woman’s husband had a gun on him and blew these violent animals away. I can’t imagine being in a situation like this. I also can’t imagine having $75,000 in my purse either, but, I digress…I hope they get exactly what they deserve in prison.

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