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(Photo credit: Beaufort County Detention Center)

A South Carolina woman thought that her whiteness would get her out of being arrested while allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol.

According to the New York Post, Lauren Elizabeth Cutshaw was stopped by police in the early morning hours of August 4, after speeding through a stop sign more than 30 miles an hour over the speed limit.

Cutshaw told cops she had had just two glasses of wine, according to the New York Post.

“I mean I was celebrating my birthday,” Cutshaw, who turns 33 on Thursday, told the cops when they asked her how big the glasses were for her alleged two drinks, according to the Post.

According to the Post, Cutshaw gave the officers a laundry list of reasons why she deserved to be let off the hook. She said that she had a perfect high school GPA and claimed to be dating a cop. When none of those seemed to work she brought out what she probably thought to be a fool proof defense, ““I’m a white, clean girl,” Cutshaw said.

When the officers asked what exactly that meant, she replied, “You’re a cop, you should know what that means.” Reports the Post.

Cutshaw was booked into the Beaufort County Detention Center. The Post reports that she is no longer in custody, according to online jail records.




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23 thoughts on “DUI Suspect Pleads Her Case: ‘ I’m A Clean White Girl’

  1. This reminds me of a video I saw when a police officer stopped a motorist for a traffic violation. When he asked for her information, she handed it over and commented that, from what she was told, “police in that neighborhood don’t give tickets to pretty, good-looking women” or something to that effect. The officer replied “you’re heard right.” And then wrote her a ticket. This one is dumber than that lady was. She has the look of someone who’s just about always drunk. Young dummy.

  2. …and those comments show in the very least your disdain for Black people, or at worst, your hate for yourself as a Black person.

  3. African American Woman, if you have the intelligence you claim to have, you would not involve yourself with the back and forth banter that you have on this thread. Now, on to the article – people that have made comments on this article did not bring race into it – the story is a story because Ms. Becky did that when she touted that she is a “white, clean girl.” She tried to use what she has always been able to do in life, her white privilege, and it failed her this time, making a national spectacle of herself. If you are Black, and I tend to question that fact, but if you are, your stereotypical, pre-conceived attributes of Blacks is not better than a racist, bigoted white person. Peace.

    • African American Woman on said:

      Hmmm..but you commented…looks like you ain’t so bright yourself… It just baffles me that we have black men taking each other out like it’s deer hunting season and some of you get your panties in a bunch over what some drunk white woman said???? This wasn’t even worth BAW posting, but they knew it would trigger all of you pathetic victim minded folks. You must hate yourself and other black people because if you didn’t; this nonsense wouldn’t be on your radar…our brothers killing each other would be.

    • African American Woman on said:

      But you responded to me…not so bright yourself there…this is a non story and only serves to trigger the white folk obsessed, inferior feeling, victim minded black folk like you. That’s why BAW posted it. Who in the hell cares what some drunk white woman said??? Does it help us with our own internal racial issues…does it stop our brothers from mowing each other down like its deer hunting season- NO! You actually hate yourself and other brothers because if you didn’t, what this non-existent person said wouldn’t even be on your trigger radar. I’m way more concerned about how we are imploding from within as a people…you’re worried about what some white woman said during a police stop…get YOUR priorities together.

  4. americanize on said:

    Like I said African American coon/ white supremacist don,t you have better things to do as a white supremacist,go have sex with ur dog u know that,s what you white people do.

    • African American Woman on said:

      I wouldn’t know what white supremacists do because I’m black and I’m not obsessed with white folks like you are…but since you’re familiar with stereotypes…here’s a few for you…go get yourself a 40, steal a pair of sneakers, hook up with your baby mama/daddy and call it a day.

      • African American Woman on said:

        YAWN…your elementary limited vocabulary and redundancy is boring me…go back to the plantation, finish picking your cotton and do a jig for massa…now go on, git now

      • americanize on said:

        @ African American coon / white supremacist that’s all you got,having sex with you’re dog has affected ur thinking.SMH.

      • African American Woman on said:

        Awwww…i see you’re back with the same dumb lines you post EVERYTIME…you aren’t very bright I see…come back with some new stuff and perhaps I’ll pay you some attention…now move along before the white man catches you.

      • americanize on said:

        @ African American coon / white supremacist I know my post makes ur blood boil but there’s nothing you can do about it.

      • African American Woman on said:

        You’re posts make me laugh… Low intelligence people with a limited capacity to express themselves, but think they are saying something important. There are plenty of literacy programs…you should seriously look into a few.

  5. Pamela Jones on said:

    Please lock this CRACKER up as an example for all other CRACKER RACE CARD PLAYING TRUNP SUPPORTING DEGENERATES.

  6. Justbeingme on said:

    They always saying we are using the race card. Look at this she pulled the white card and she pulled it with the wrong cops. She looks like a drunken piece of trailer trash. Her cracker card has been revoked by her own people.

  7. tedgravely on said:

    How is reporting factual-news race baiting? Just google the woman’s name and the report is on Fox News, Newsweek, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, and other sources. The Fox News article was titled, SC woman allegedly told cops she’s a ‘clean, thoroughbred, white girl’ after being pulled over report. News is news. People get stopped for DUIs everyday. Lauren Elizabeth Cutshaw is a legend because she tried to pull that privilege card. I guarantee that if it would have been a normal arrest without her liquored up antics, we still wouldn’t know her name. Write and push the editorial staff for more. I’m sure they would welcome direct feedback. I would love more stories on BAW like the one of 20-year-old Jordan Taylor and an autistic teen named Jack Ryan. They ain’t hard to find. I think people are flexible to read and digest articles across the broad spectrum. Just my opinion.

    • African American Woman on said:

      Because WHO TF cares? People say dumb shit all the time when they’re drunk. If a black person said something like this BAW wouldn’t have paid it any mind…because its a crazy story about a white person and BAW knows they can trigger people who jump on the white people nonsense wagon, they post it. I bet they have people who read these post just to get an idea of what’s going to trigger some folks. Bottom line; there’s so many other important issues facing us that this nonsense shouldn’t even be on our radar.

  8. African American Woman on said:

    Another weak attempt at race baiting by BAW. Who the hell cares? People say all kinds of weird stuff when they’re drunk…don’t we have more important and pressing issues to focus on rather than this waste of print?

    • americanize on said:

      If BAW race bait why in the fuck you come on here every day talking about black people.I know b/c ur really a white supremacist.

      • African American Woman on said:

        The same reason you come on here with your racist, crazy sounding nonsense…because I want to…now put that in your pipe and smoke it slave…

      • americanize on said:

        @ African American coon idiot black people don,t have the power to be racist you should no that ur a white supremist,now I know you have better things to do like have sex with ur dog u know u white folks love that degenerate sh*t..

      • African American Woman on said:

        No, you don’t have any power because you’re stuck on stupid with a slave mentality…any adult-assuming you are one-does not make such an asinine statement. You keep repeating the same old I hate the white man, i don’t have any power, all of the intelligent black people who think for themselves are coons..yeah, yeah, yeah…since you’re using the library computer, check out some books; they would help you expand your obviously limited vocabulary. You’re so angry because you are self-hating…don’t worry, lots of pathetic black people feel this way. I feel sorry for you because, although, you are no longer chained, you still refuse to leave the plantation…the white man doesn’t own you dear…time for you to grow a pair and think for yourself.

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