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(Photo credit: Charlamagne Instagram)

Breakfast Club host Charlamagne tha God is defending himself against claims that he raped his wife.

A story published on July 23 by Madame Noire uses an old clip from Charlamagne’s podcast to accuse him of raping his wife during their first sexual encounter.

In the audio Charlamagne can be heard saying:

“Me and my wife hung out one Saturday night and she got sloppy drunk and passed out in my momma’s house and I got that p***y,” Charlamagne says in the cut that was pulled. “She was f******g me back and all that but she was really drunk. I asked her yesterday, ‘Yo, did I rape you the first time we ever had sex?’ And she goes, ‘I mean in hindsight, yeah…’”

This morning Charlamagne said that the audio was taken incomplete. He and his wife were discussing rape culture and weather or not drunk sex is consensual.  He claims that his wife actually said something to the effect of “I can see how people could say that but that’s not what happened with us.” He then called his wife Jessica, who confirmed on air that she did give consent and even consented to sex again the next morning.

He asked, “did I rape you the first time we had sex with each other?”

She said ” I was not passed out. I was very coherent, like enough for me to lift off my hips so you could take my panties off.”

Charlamagne admits that he can see how what he said could have been misinterpreted saying, “my tone was all wrong.”

He and his co-hosts advise young men and women “just don’t do it.” They urge people to wait until both parties are sober and can make a sound decision. He also apologized to people who may have been triggered by his comments.

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4 thoughts on “Charlamagne Tha God, Wife Address Rape Claims

  1. This guy is so annoying to me and still hasn’t learned to tone it down of be professional while on the air. I love the co stars but they should get rid of him and find a replacement.

  2. tedgravely on said:

    Kates1221, agreed. Is there nothing sacred anymore? When you mature and respect women, this stuff doesn’t come out of your mouth. Maybe your best friend for life knows a few things, but damn sharing it with the world. I’m definitely not blasting anything about the mother of my children. This guy here…….. I mean what is his wife supposed to say. He put her in an unenviable position and for what? Bragging? Idiot.

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