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The family of late music legend Whitney Houston has been rocked by the latest allegation made by Whitney’s brother Gary Houston following the release of the new Whitney documentary.

According to a family source, after claiming that both he and his sister were molested by their cousin, Dee Dee Warwick, matriarch Cissy Houston has exiled Gary from the clan’s fold, RadarOnline has learned exclusively.

“Cissy called him and told him ‘I’m cutting you out of my will,’ and hung up the phone,” said the source.

Gary made the shocking allegation in the new documentary in which 60 of Whitney’s closest friends and family members opened up about her life and theorized about what may have led to her downward spiral into drug addiction.

“Gary never brought up these accusations before and the family doesn’t believe him,” said the source. “They think it was used to just drum up publicity for the film.”

Cissy and Dionne Warwick expressed their “shock” about the claims in a statement, as well as the “difficulty” they have believing that Dee Dee, who is Dionne’s sister, molested anyone.

Cissy added that Whitney deserves privacy even in death.

“Although she spoke about her struggle with drugs, the interventions, her daughter Krissi and issues in her marriage, she never PUBLICLY spoke about her father’s stealing from her or revealed any claim that she had been molested,” Cissy noted in her statement. “IF she was molested I do not believe she would have wanted it to be revealed for the first time to thousands, maybe millions of people in a film.”

Do you believe Gary Houston’s claims?

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22 thoughts on “Cissy Houston Allegedly Disowns Son After Claims He And Whitney Were Molested

  1. Debra Gainey on said:


  2. vdabney722 on said:

    I think I’m going to have to go 49 – 50% on this one, and the 50% is going to go with Whitney’s mother, Cissy Houston. Why bring this up now. I think I read the son is about 60 years old. If it’s still bothering him, then get some professional help. Why put this family on blast once again after all they’ve been through–Whitney’s years of very public drug abuse, her tragic death, and then less than 4 years later, the tragic death of the grandchild, your daughter’s only child. EVERYTHING doesn’t need to be public, and everything doesn’t need to be about money. And I’m afraid this smells like it’s ONLY about money, whether it’s true or not. We will never know, and that’s what makes this so painful.

  3. Rune Graham on said:

    It’s very sad for the Houston family, we all know some things should be private, with saying that Whitney’s mother will go to her grave not wanting to accept any of her daughters personal demons, and Whitney made it clear she knew the path that god want her to go down the righteous path, but she was going to do what she wanted in life. sexual abuse happens in all families it’s a secret and nobody wants to admit it and thing is most parents want believe it and when women do it is taboo.. Let them have peace it doesn’t matter, God will judge all

    • Laurie Edwards on said:

      Yes it does matter. The problem is that we do keep it a secret maybe if she and her had told somebody Whitney may have still been maybe they could have received some help. Miss Cindy and Dionne need to take a seat.

  4. Amber on said:

    This is coming from radaronline the most lying online site. We need to stop jumping to believe everything this site say which is often lies. And to say “source”, what source. I will wait on something “creditable” to say if this is true. We are always reading to jump on rumors as if they are facts especially with the internet. I am going to be fair.

  5. Lynn on said:

    Her reaction is why abuse victims hesitate to confide in anyone or pursue legal actions;if statute of limitations permits.
    It’s a parent’s duty to believe and protect their children; regardless of the victim’s age; or if the perpetrator is living or dead.

    • Lala on said:

      It is the parent’s responsibility to protect and believe their children. If it is just coming out now could just mean that he/she didn’t feel comfortable revealing this ‘secret’. The MeToo movement has brought power and strength to many who felt they needed to or had no choice but to keep quiet. The shame is on the perpetrator and ANY enablers, whether that be because they refused to believe or just sat back and did nothing.

  6. Jedidah on said:

    You know this happens so much in families of color they never want to talk about these issues they brush it under the rug and the victims perish because of it. I do agree that this is something private but he is reaching out for help because the family will not give him the help he needs. It has already taken Whitney and her daughter hopefully it will not take him too.

    • vdabney722 on said:

      Stop it now! Yes, this happens in families of color, but it ALSO happens in ALL kinds of families. Please let’s not take yet another type of aberrant behavior and make it our own. “They” do it to us already–OJ, wife killing, Cosby, sexual harassment, Michael Vick, animal abuse, Chris Brown, sexual assault,–the list goes on and on. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, but when we CLAIM it as our own, we become the poster men and women for these crimes, when EVERY race and ethnicity does the very same things, In fact, may be even worse with things like kidnapping, serial killing, mass killings, and false imprisonment.

      • African American Womanto on said:

        What’s wrong with pointing out that sexual abuse is an unspoken taboo within too many of our families? Its a true statement and with opening a serious discussion, perhaps we can create solutions. These are our children…stop with the moronic reply of everyone else does it too! So, let those groups address it their way…You can’t change what you constantly deflect

  7. African American Woman on said:

    Wow…to disown your probably emotionally destroyed son is just soul crushing…unfortunately, this happens to children a lot too…family doesn’t want to tell the truth about the family abuser, mothers choose a sexually abusive mate over their own child just to keep a man around…despicable

  8. December Leigh on said:

    Her cousin corrobarated the story. It’s wrong
    to blame the brother for coming out now. He was allegedly abused as well and had his own issues….it’s called blaming the victim.
    It’s worse for males to come forward, it’s becoming more commonplace for famous people to come forward, and it’s natural her death might motivate him to come forward now.
    It’s easier for Cissy to deny it, this is horribly painful news after her premature death.
    People don’t use drugs for no reason, it’s likely she was self-medicating.
    Something has never added up with Whitney’s life. Watch “The Greatest Love of All” with Cissy video. Listen carefully to the words. Whitney was a emotional singer. The squeaky clean image prior to Bobby Brown suggests something was wrong.
    I’m a psychologist, I believe him and their cousin with the info I have.
    If I’m wrong, that brother is SO SICK to lie! I think the movie would do well without this secret. She sold a Million records ONE DAY after her death!!!! Lots of Whitney fans….def one of the greatest in my lifetime! And I had Michael Jackson and Prince.

  9. Justbeingme on said:

    Whitney isn’t and Dee Dee isn’t here to coorberate the story so right now no one will ever know the true it’s the brothers side Whitney’s side dee Dee side and the truth so we may never know if it is true that could have been the root of all Whitney’s addictions and her brothers. So his mother shouldn’t just turn her back on him and I think if true he should have brought that out to his mother while Whitney’ was alive not in her death maybe he could have gotten her some help I understand his mother is feeling he should have came to her before he made it public that’s still her child let her process the thought first. Because it does make him look like he just wants to sell the book.

  10. Scotty on said:

    Cissy Houston maybe the media quoted you wrong. YOU DID NIT DISOWN YOUR SON.. Reverse Disowning him,. And pray for him,please.

    I hope you get a chance to see this. Reverse the curse, and bless and live your son! He is your son that God gave you.

  11. I have no doubt that she was molested. Why would Gary lie? That is not something you really want someone to know…she was damaged woman and it started when she was taken advantage of by a family relative. Wake up parents…this happens. Listen to your kids. I can’t believe that Cissy’s first reaction to hearing the news is to cut her son out of her will. REALLY? I am outdone…she should be ashamed of herself. That is why so many people suffer in silence.

  12. Passing Trough!! on said:

    Just like she wouldn’t accept that Whitney was a drug addict she wanted to believe that is was Bobby who got her hooked on drugs. Now we know why Whitney never told her mother that she was molested. What reason would her son have to lie. Trying to keep that good girl church image is what killed your daughter.

    • December Leigh on said:

      You hit the nail on the head! She never wanted to let her Mom down….very much a perfectionist. She would not have told Cissy. And their cousin corroborated it.
      Whitney sold 1 MILLION records in ONE day the day after her death, she has enough fans without people lying about abuse…to see her movie.
      This is painful and humiliating for Gary.
      Watch The Greatest Love of All video with Cissy. Something always rung not right with me. Just a feeling.
      1 in 3 females & 1 in 5 males will be abused before 18 statistically. But the numbers are much higher because so many NEVER come forward, like Whitney. Which suggests she thought her Mom wouldn’t believe her, adding to her pain.
      Most addicts are actually self-medicating from childhood abuse.

    • MariAnne Bolton on said:

      To ‘Passing Through’: “TRYING TO KEEP THAT GOOD GIRL CHURCH IMAGE” …OMG!!! Do you know what you just said? Do you Realize that you have just solved the whole problem for almost half of Black families? It’s all about the “IMAGE”!!!

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