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Antwon Rose II, the 17-year-old teen who was fatally shot by an East Pittsburgh police officer last week, will be buried Monday (June 25). Grief-stricken family and friends, including his mother, Michelle Kenney, continue to share words and stories about the promising young man.

Rose, an honors student at Woodland Hills High School in Pittsburgh, had many dreams for the future. His mother shared the teen’s plans with columnist Shaun King on Twitter, who tweeted it hours after Rose was remembered at a wake on Sunday.

“I can’t wait until the day when I can finally say I made it,” read the poignant message. “It’s not gonna be the day when I get into college nor is it gonna be the day when I buy my first house. It’s not gonna be the day when I see 7 digits before the decimal in my bank account. It’s definitely not gonna be when I marry the girl of my dreams and IK [I know] she’s out there. Nah it’s not going to be any of those days. It’s going to be the day when I can move my mom out of the hood and buy her a nice house on the hills because she goes to hell and back for me and deserves it.”

Rose was fatally shot three times in his back by an East Pittsburgh police officer while running away from a car during a traffic stop on Tuesday, June 19. A video taken by a witness showed the young man being shot without warning after the car was pulled over because police thought it matched the description in a nearby shooting.

The police officer who killed Rose was identified as Michael Rosfeld, 30, who had been sworn in only hours before he took the young man’s life. Rosfeld previously worked at the University of Pittsburgh Police Department but was fired in January. He had a record of reportedly falsifying reports and acting violently. Yet, he was hired by East Pittsburgh police in May. Rosfeld has been placed on paid leave after killing Rose, and an investigation was opened by the Allegheny County Homicide division, WTAE Pittsburgh reported.

Rose’s family will demand that law enforcement seek criminal charges against Rosfeld, according to their attorney Lee Merritt. “The family hopes [Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala] will conduct a fair and thorough investigation leading to criminal charges, but they feel there will be a bias with the DA’s office, and the investigation will be better handled by state or federal law officials,” Merritt said to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.


‘I Wouldn’t Dare Forget About You:’ Antwon Rose’s Mother Shares Teen’s Dreams As Son Is Buried was originally published on newsone.com

6 thoughts on “‘I Wouldn’t Dare Forget About You:’ Antwon Rose’s Mother Shares Teen’s Dreams As Son Is Buried

  1. Guest on said:

    Cop shot kid 3 times in the back while kid was running away, and cop was sworn in 3 hours earlier, no charges pending?
    Is this whats meant by make america great again?

  2. Mac Daddy not Baby Daddy on said:

    Facts are slowly coming out in the case that paint Antwon and his drive-by shooting friends in a very different light that what BAW wants you to believe. Words are meaningless if your actions don’t back them up

  3. Racist, bigot POS is written all over his face. This shoot was his initiation into the police gang. Retribution will come………

  4. Another mother has to bury her child, so sad.
    Maybe this young man just panicked when approached by the PIGS.
    Which may explain why he initially ran.

    However, the rookie POS–did not have to empty his gun into the back of Antwon.
    Rookie got his first kill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mac Daddy not Baby Daddy on said:

      No, actually he ran because he just took part in a drive by shooting. Did it occur to you to ask how those victims are doing?

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