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The Dom Perignon Lounge At The Santa Barbara International Film Festival - Virtuosos Award

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Multi-talented Mary J. Blige will have the opportunity to flex her acting chops once again. After her two-time Oscar-nominated performance in Netflix’s ‘Mudbound,’ Mary is set to star in new police brutality centered film, “Body Cam.”

“The story has been described as a tonal blend of ‘Get Out’ and ‘End of Watch,’” The Hollywood report describes.

The film follows LAPD officers who are haunted by the spirit of a young Black man whose life was ended at the hands of White cops. The entire tragedy was captured by a body cam that was destroyed in a cover-up plot. Mary’s character becomes vexed by visions and begins to investigate what happened.

The script was written by Richmond Riedel and rewritten by Nicholas McCarthy and John Ridley, THR reports. 



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One thought on “Mary J. Blige To Star In Police Brutality Themed Horror Film ‘Body Cam’

  1. Looking forward to seeing Mary J in this upcoming tv drama.
    With all of the MURDERS at the hands of PIGS these days–this program is very RELEVANT.

    Most law enforcement officers REFUSE to even wear Bodycams or have videocams attached to their patrol cars for FEAR that they will be CAUGHT in the act of BRUTALIZING OR KILLING AN INNOCENT PERSON.

    If you are a DECENT/HONEST cop–THIS SHOULD NOT BE A PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!
    Doesn’t seem like their are many of them around these days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kudo’s to Mary J Blige for tackling this important ISSUE facing OUR community!!!!!

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