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A Virginia woman used her motherly instincts to safely give birth alone in a hotel room in Istanbul, Turkey. In her now viral Twitter thread, Tia Freeman details she found out she was pregnant late in her third trimester after her birth control failed. By the time she discovered she was expecting, the mom-to-be had already booked a trip to the Middle East and decided to take the voyage anyway.

On the flight, Freeman started experiencing contractions, and had to endure the early pains of labor while shuffling through international customs.

Once Freeman arrived at her hotel, she began Googling and Youtubing videos on how to give birth. She filled a tub, got towels together, and managed to give birth to a baby boy. She ended up cutting the umbilical cord with knives and shoelaces.

Get into the brave tale below:

You can find the full thread here. 




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One thought on “Virginia Woman Gives Birth In Turkish Hotel Room Using Google To Help

  1. lois on said:

    This is absolutely an incredible story! A few questions, however: Where was the baby’s father? Was she traveling alone in Istanbul?? It sounds like she was there all alone. I’m glad that she and her beautiful baby boy survived. Now, the most important question: Is her child a Turkish citizen since he was born there, or will he be considered an American??

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