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Isehia Champs a single mother of 5, has been through a lot in her life but has managed to come out on top with the victory after achieving a dream she’s had since the age of 7.

Since she was 7-years-old Champs had the dream of someday becoming a lawyer when circumstances made it very hard to get there, according to CBS News.

“I really didn’t have any stable guidance at that time. My mom was addicted to drugs. My dad was deceased. And I was homeless,” explained Champs. “I lived with friends or whoever would take me in. Then I got pregnant with the first of my five children, and things just went from there.”

She eventually dropped out of high school to support her child. In 2009, when she was pregnant with her fourth child, she underwent some of the most unimaginable things possible. She lost her job, lost her house to a fire and lost the father of her children to cancer. At that point, she said her sanity went, too.

In the midst of it all, she received a call from her pastor telling her to go to school and get her law degree.

“Pastor Louise Holman called me one day and said that God told her to tell me to go back to school and get my GED, because that lawyer I wanted to be, I’ll be it!” Champs expressed. “I thought it was a little crazy because I was too old and I had three children with my fourth child on the way.”

Still, she did go back to school and got her GED. Then she went to Houston Community College and then the University of Houston-Downtown. She’s now a senior at Texas Southern University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law and will graduate in May.

To celebrate she had her senior pictures taken and included her children in them, because if it weren’t for them, she believes she would never have made it.

“I took the pictures with my kids because they helped me through school. They’re graduating too,” said Champs. “They would help me review with flash cards while I cooked. They would sit as a mock jury while I taught them what I learned that day. I would sit in my closet and pray and cry because I was overwhelmed and my oldest son, David, would gather his siblings, give them a snack, make them take a bath, gather their school clothes, all to make things easier for me. And I had no knowledge of him doing that until I went to do it!”

Once posted to Facebook, the pictures went viral with thousands sending congratulations and well wishes to Champs and her children. Going to school is tough but having a support system to help you through it makes it better. Especially when it’s your kids with you all the way.



(Source: CBS News )

(Photo Credit: Facebook)

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32 thoughts on “Single Mom Breaks The Internet With Law School Graduation Photos

  1. You go girl. Congratulations to you and to your children. You are inspiring. I see a judgeship in your future. God bless you and your family.

  2. Ted Gravely on said:

    Congratulations Ms Champs. As an aside, that lady had five kids and still looking great. Now have them kids help you study for the State Bar Exam this summer. Do it while you’re motivated. This is so motivating.

  3. Love is Key! on said:

    I love reading positive stories like this and wish BAW would post more. I am so PROUD of you and your beautiful kids, Isehia. It’s like several bloggers stated, it’s All God! You have created a path of determination, courage, hope and perseverance that your kids will follow. You did it and job well done! Congratulations! Now go represent and continue to make us proud!

  4. Ann Marie on said:

    Congratulations! As a single mother who also recently went back to school to get my degree, you confirmed that it can be done if I keep at it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. A. Annette on said:

    Congratulations to you and your Prince’s and Princesses 🤗
    You’ve encountered me to continue my studies at 54!
    Thank you, God Bless you and your family!!!!
    What a BRIGHT future ahead 🤗🤗

  6. Linda Iglehart on said:

    I have been brought to tears hearing your story and how your oldest son showed leadership by taking the initiative to do those things that needed to be done.
    You have been a positive role model for your children of what it takes to be successful through faith in God, perseverance and hard work! Continue in the faith.

    • I was 43 when I decided to get my Masters and one of my white male co workers who already has his Masters told me it was a waste of time because I would not make “that much more money”. I told him for me it was not about the money and he being a white male would not understand. Well that shut him up.

  7. Angie on said:

    congratulations Attorney Champs… you are going to be a POWERHOUSE… and I want to give a special shout out to your oldest son David. Thank you for being a thoughtful son. God has special blessings for you.

  8. Look at God! Look at God! She will be a beast in the court room. Girl, woman, mother, God Power is all over this. Glory!

    • Congratulations Attorney Champs. You have done a great job and you have a beautiful family. Ain’t (sounds better) God Good? Just look what he has done. Won’t he do it?

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