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Fresh out of jail after spending 34 days in Columbus Short has run into another problem.

Page Six reports that the Scandal actor is being called a bigamist by his ex-wife Karrine Steffans who claims he was married to her while married to his current wife Aida Abramyan.

Steffans told Page Six in an interview that during their relationship she always suspected that Short was married to another woman while married to her. However, she claims that she wasn’t aware that he was married to Abramyan.

Steffans is best known for her appearances in multiple Hip-Hop music videos. She’s dated Usher, Diddy, Lil Wayne, Shaq, Vin Diesel, and many others. She married Short in January of 2016; however, she was surprised to hear that in an interview with  Sirius’ Dion Deezy Short said that the two were never married.

Now as Short has been released from jail, Steffans is determined to get the truth out. She shared her marriage certificate with Page Six as well as text messages between the two in which Short allegedly texted that he loved her while he was in jail.

When asked for comment about his relationship with Steffans, his publicist who happens to be his wife Abramyan’s denied the marriage between him and Steffans as well as the text messages.




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