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Singer Whitney Houston performs at the 2011 Clive Davis Pre–Grammy Gala and Salute to Industry Icons Honoring David Geffen at the Beverly Hilton.

Another documentary of the iconic singer Whitney Houston will drop on July 6 and the anticipation for it is high.

The Nocturnal reports that the film Whitney is the only one that has the full support of her estate. Directed by Academy Award winning director Kevin MacDonald, the film will include, “unreleased recordings, rare never-before-seen footage and live performances recorded by Houston at various stages her life, as well as original studio recordings and acapellas of some of the late singer’s greatest hits.”

The film will even include unseen home videos thanks to the archives in Houston’s estates. This footage will give fans a different look into the singer’s life as they experience her life by watching her with close friends and family.

In an interview with The Nocturnal, MacDonald explains, ”I approached Whitney’s life like a mystery story; why did someone with so much raw talent and beauty self-destruct so publicly and painfully? I was lucky enough to have the support of Pat Houston and the Whitney Houston estate in this quest.”

He continued, “They entrusted me with the ‘keys to the vault’ while giving me complete freedom to follow the story wherever it went. At heart, Whitney is an intimate family story that reveals a new side to a woman that even her most die-hard fans never knew.”

With over 200 million album sales and the only artist to chart seven U.S. number 1’s Houston’s music touched so many people all over the world. Her fame and success often times overshadowed her struggle with depression and drugs.

Hopefully this documentary will honor Houston right and gives even more insight into her life and some of the struggles she faced when she was alive.



(Source: The Nocturnal )

(Photo by Gina Ferazzi/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

3 thoughts on “New Whitney Houston Documentary To Come Out In July

  1. WHY don’t they just like her rest in peace?? It will get to a point where no one will be interested in any new dirt about Whitney. We’ve heard about it all, just from different angles.

  2. Again. We’re sick of Whitney, she’s not the story anymore, let her rest. No puns intended but they’re beating a dead horse.
    It’s like a well known artist that once sold out coliseums and is now wash up and is playing the local fairgrounds and local bars around the corner in your neighborhood

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