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Former presidential candidate and current Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson “has been either unable or unwilling to secure the funds that HUD desperately needs to take care of the millions of low-income Americans who rely on public housing and other forms of assistance,” according to a New York Times report.  

Mr. Carson, people close to him say, hates asking anybody for money — and has told advisers that he feels acutely uncomfortable asking the president for anything that could be construed as a favor. When the White House budget director, Mick Mulvaney, proposed an 18 percent cut to HUD late last year, Mr. Carson reluctantly reached out to the president. Mr. Trump expressed sympathy. Then he told him to “talk to Mick” about the details.

Carson has reportedly told people close to him that he hates asking for money — and “has told advisers that he feels uncomfortable asking Donald Trump for anything that could be construed as a favor.”

According to Vanity Fair, “when White House budget director, Mick Mulvaney, proposed an 18 percent cut to HUD late last year, Carson reluctantly reached out to Trump who told him to “talk to Mick” about the details.”

He eventually negotiated a 14 percent cut. But Carson “often simply seems out of the loop—telling senior staff members at a gathering last spring that the president had given him assurances that HUD’s budget would not be cut at all.”

Meanwhile, Carson’s new HUD mission statement will reportedly drop all mention of discrimination, and it comes right in time for the 50th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act.

The potential change, which reportedly caught the agency’s career staff by surprise, is part of “an effort to align HUD’s mission with the Secretary’s priorities and that of the Administration,” according to a March 5 memo sent to political staff obtained by HuffPost.




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22 thoughts on “Ben Carson Is Not Doing Well At HUD, According To Report

  1. Ted Gravely on said:

    BAW don’t pull these trick articles targeting AA from other sites. If Betsy Devos can serve as the U.S. Secretary of Education then Dr. Ben Carson is similarly qualified to serve as the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Betsy Devos is a walking disaster. Also other administration officials are dropping like flies or being ridiculed everyday; Hope Hicks (resigned), Gary Cohn (resigned), Tillerson (ineffective and had no idea #45 agreed to meet with NK), and don’t get me started on Sessions. Group them and all the others together. Don’t just single out Dr Carson like he is the only one struggling in this environment. Naw…..all of them are “out of the loop.”

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      Neither one of them are qualified nor are his children. This is why trump’s administrations is crumbling he is dumb as f**k and has surrounded himself with people who are just as stupid if not more.

  2. stephanie Jones on said:

    This man is a genius, but also an idiot without common sense. He is so out of touch, he should have accepted the health and service director’s position or some other positions in the medical field where his expertise lies, just another out of touch political fool

  3. This is a travesty. That idiot in chief just put him there because he’s black. What a bunch of deplorables tunning this f up country.

  4. This will be the next resignation. How did he get this job? Because his wife and son are into real estate. What a damn joke this country is. It starts at the top.

  5. The Truth on said:

    You knew it was wrong for you to even accept this position. You think he didn’t know you would fail…He played you from the start and he will play you til the end. You’re A NIKE

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      And that’s the truth! And notice that trump didn’t offer him a real cabinet position in the white house he gave the token house ni**a field position with HUD. And when he fails trump will turn on him and criticize the hell out of him. He will make Ben pull up his shirt and take his lashes across the back like a good slave.

    • Joanne on said:

      So, that is your takeaway from the article? Asking for money is a part of his responsibilities and he needs it to do his job properly. He has no qualifications for the job in the first place (like his advisor Armstrong Williams said) and should have said no. His desire to suck up to Trump is making him look like an idiot. Unfortunately for Ben, people will forget that he was a brilliant surgeon and remember his ineptness in running for President and doing this job.

  6. jhuff on said:

    Guess he’s not doing well because he’s exposed waste and corruption of the last administration
    BTW he negotiated an 18% cut down to 14% sounds like someones section 8 housing will be saved

    • Joanne Hendy on said:

      Give break a break. HUD’s office of the Inspector General found this accounting error from 2015 and 2016. This had nothing to do with Carson.

  7. The Real Passing Through! on said:

    Again, this is what happens when you put people in positions and they don’t know what the hell they are doing the Hud job was a butter biscuit for Ben selling out the black community & bowing to trump. I believe they set this coon up to fail. trump has essentially destroyed every stupid ass fool who joined his administration. Flynn, Sessions, Hope Hicks, his own damn kids & son & law all of these people’s lives have been ruined. And sadly they were all successful prior to getting on the MAGA roller coaster with no breaks, they’re now turned criminals. This black dummy deserves everything he gets.

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