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A Saturday UberEats delivery turned deadly after Ryan Thornton, a 30-year-old Morehouse College student, was shot to death by driver Robert Bivinies.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Bivinies, 36, was denied bail in an Atlanta courtroom on Tuesday. He faces multiple charges including murder and aggravated assault. He surrendered to police on Monday afternoon, two days after the shooting.

The incident took place on Saturday around 11:30 p.m. when Bivinies arrived at Thornton’s Buckhead condo to deliver his meal. Authorities believe a verbal altercation ensued between the two shortly after.

“The victim went down to meet the driver, received his order and began walking away from the vehicle,” Atlanta police spokesman Carlos Campos said in a statement to the Journal Constitution. “As the victim was walking away, it appears words may have been exchanged between he and the delivery driver.”

Several shots were fired, hitting Thornton in the torso. He later died at nearby Grady Memorial hospital, the outlet reports.

Bivinies lawyer, Jackie Patterson, maintains his client acted in self-defense during the heated exchange.

“My client had no choice but to defend himself,” Patterson said.

According to Patterson, Thornton was irate about the delivery time and became threatening towards Bivinies. Bivinies drew his weapon after Thornton walked towards the passenger side window while reaching near his pockets.

WSB-TV reports Bivinies was only on the job as an UberEats driver for a week when the shooting occurred. Bivines will appear in court again on March 6.





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15 thoughts on “Uber Driver Denied Bond In Fatal Shooting Of Morehouse Graduate

  1. Honestly on said:

    Cave n!@@er on cave n!@@er violence is the American pastime. This intra murder rate is the highest. They should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  2. You idiots, people of ALL races murder their own! I can’t believe this is not apparent to you after watching the white boy slaughter high school kids in Florida! Do some reading please! Blacks kill blacks, whites kill whites, Asians kill each other as well as Latinos!

    God bless the families involved in this needless loss of life!

  3. Where is the black lives matter chant from the Atlanta black community, I guess the killer is not white or Hispanic nobody gives a shit, black people are stupid and ignorant at the same time since martin Luther king opened his mouth I have a dream that will destroy black families for generations to come..

  4. GOD ALMIGHTY, help us to move forward, instead of backwards! When I was growing up, I saw communities, and black people more prone to helping their neighbors and kids, not ready to put them in graves. Please stop the killing!

  5. I’m going to go as far as calling him a coward, because I believe, if he had been any color other than black, I doubt that he would’ve shot him down like an animal. Since all lives matter except ours. And, it’s said to say, mostly among black people. How can we do some of the things, we do to each other?

  6. I agree totally with that statement. How can we hate on others that kill us, for senseless and ridiculous reasons, and we constantly do it to ourselves. That’s just senseless, and a life has ended because of it. All he had to do was drive off. When are we going to start seeing ourselves, when we look at another black person? Not seeing them as the enemy, because believe me, they are not the enemy. Love yourself, maybe you can love others that look like you.

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