In 2018, there have been over 15 school shootings alone in the United States and each time the cry to do something about it grows each time. The most recent being a school shooting in Parkland, Florida that left 17 people dead and 15 injured. The question now is what do we do to change this?

Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with chairman of Vote Run Lead, Democratic strategist and political commentator Jehmu Greene about Black women running for office and how they can change the tide when it comes to gun control.

“I think there is no doubt Jacque and Tom that common sense gun policy is one of the many issues that Congress would have made progress on if women were the majority,” explained Greene. “Women form bigger coalitions. Simply put women do government better.”

The National Rifle Association is known for funding the campaigns of many politicians in Congress. Greene explains that it’s these very politicians who are taking the money are the ones causing the problem.

“Money its money. And we have a number of politicians who always after these instances send out their thoughts and their prayers,” explained Greene. “But when those three days pass they’re still getting that money.”

Women like Iyanna Presley, the first women of color to be elected to Boston’s city council, Stacey Abrams and over 500 women of color are running for office this year.

“I think its important for people to understand that they need to Trust Black women,” explained Greene. “This is going to be the year of Black women in politics.”

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