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Lordt! Mo’Nique done went and made Gary Owen mad.

The comedian and actor went on Instagram Monday to share his thoughts after Mo’ Nique called his friend and collaborator, mega-producer, Will Packer.

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Owen, who took the video while in the front seat of his car, expressed that Mo’Nique had gone too far in her expose after she shared screenshots of email messages between her husbandager, Sidney Hicks, and Packer on Instagram. The actress also claimed that Packer offered no condolences after her trailer blew up on the set of Packer’s film, Almost Christmas.

“Man, Mo’Nique don’t stop,” he began. She blames everybody. It’s Oprah, it’s Tyler, it’s Lee Daniels, it’s Netflix. Now it’s Will Packer. She went too far when she started blaming Will Packer on s—t. That’s my friend. That’s my homeboy,” he said.

Owen went on to argue that Packer has done more for Black Hollywood actors than anyone else has in the last 10 years. “He has basically shown Hollywood that Black Hollywood has a mainstream market,” he said.

The Think Like A Man star also went on to point out that Packer gave Mo’Nique a chance to star in Almost Christmas after her accusations of being blacklisted.

“I’m not going to sit back and let you slander his name Mo’Nique,” said Owen. “Sometimes you have to sit back and take accountability for yourself. It’s you. It’s you. What can you do to change things? Take responsibility for your s–t man. Come on Mo’Nique. S—t’s getting old.”

The list of allies continues to decrease for the comedienne, but we have a notion that this won’t be the last we hear of her.




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19 thoughts on “Gary Owen Vs. Mo’Nique: ‘Take Responsibility For Your S**t!’

  1. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    The issue is no one else but Mo’. I wouldnt boycott Netflix or anything else for her. If she thinks that she should get the same pay she is wrong. No way they would pay her the same as Cris Rock or Dave Chappelle. Not that Mo’ isnt funny but your act is old and you havent changed it up, calling female’s the “B” word on stage is old and not funny! Look at what they have done sorry Mo’ but you still have some work to do. So Mo’ what if an up and coming comedian female of course got the same pay as you did for a Netflix special…..Mo would be yet again talking shyt in the sense of why are you paying this newcomer the same as me……. Mo’ needs to humble herself and take the offer and work, and prove she is deserving of a larger contract. Not a the same show she travels with ….not tour……. but travels with.

  2. She needs to shut the F up. Gary is right. I think she is going about this the wrong way and her lame husband is giving her bad advice. So what you won an Oscar but you have no class. Give it a rest. If you were not blackballed in Hollywood , you are now.

  3. Chastity on said:

    I went to see Mo’nique this past Saturday in Tampa, which is when she recorded the video regarding Will Packer. It was a wonderful show. She did speak on her issue with Netflix, Oprah and Steve Harvey. I do understand her plight. She stands wholeheartedly behind what she says. For that, I give her much respect because most people say what they feel and then want to retract when someone calls them out. Mo did not do that because that was how she felt. I wish she would have used a different approach because she is very talented. I just believe all of this is going to do more damage to her career than help it. I am going to pray for her though because I think she is a talented sister deserving of another chance.

  4. It’s VERY important to know how to fight…Talking about POWERFUL people in public does NOT help your cause…especially when YOU have done nothing with your money to help Black People either !!!

  5. specialt757 on said:

    Yes! Don’t be that person Mo. I mean gosh, don’t we have enough problems already? Why this self-infliction of pain? I think most people feel that she may have a point about some of her issues, but the way she’s going about it is going to leave her dead in the water, with no lifeline. I sure hope she sees the light very soon. Stop taking bad advice and get a new manager.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Ditto cuz! That was another one of my “mama used to say-isms”. Every battle is not meant to be fought, at least not by you.

  6. youdontneedtoknowwhoiam on said:

    Monique sit your ass down and shut up!!! You are going to be living in the damn streets. You messing with some powerful people dude. That’s why your ass is in the predicament you in now. SHUT UP!! BE QUIET!

  7. Ted Gravely on said:

    Like most, Gary decided to share his opinion. He just happens to have some skin in the game because he is friends with Packer. It’s hard for me to dog Mo for her belief and opinion, but I can understand why some folks think she is cutting off her nose to spite her face. She might win in the long run, but Mo is taking some serious body blows in these early rounds. Her husband might have to do more than manager her. This is one of those deals where it’s a close game and you hope your partner has the big joker. Mo, you better hope your partner got the big joker or you guys are getting set. Rise and shine.

  8. @kakes ground!! He doesn’t have to be Black to defend his friend Will Packer!! He is just telling Monique to take responsibility for her own crap!! Everybody and everything can’t be against you!! At some point you do have to take a long look at yourself! Monique needs to have several seats!

    • Black has nothing to do with it. He is a comedian and in the same line of work as Monique so that gives him more credibility than it does you because he has more in common with her than you do just because you just so happen to be Black. I am Black as well but call it like it is and don’t throw race up just because you can.

    • Mac Daddy on said:

      @kakes, you display the primary issue with black women for all to see, never own responsibility for your actions, and wherever possible toss the race card into the ring. Take a seat sista’

      • Guest1 on said:

        You really should stop generalizing about black women. Definitely shows your immaturity. The man with the many aliases….we know you don’t like black women. We get it. Yet, for some reason, you’re always on a black woman’s nipple when the topic of one comes up. Damn bro…keep it moving if your butt hurts that much.

    • youdontneedtoknowwhoiam on said:

      I agree with Chris. Leave Gary alone. Race has nothing to do with this. He is one of the good guys. Monique need to shut the fuck up and sit her ass down somewhere and I’m not married to a white guy!!!!!!!

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