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2016 American Music Awards

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Black Twitter is pretty upset with Ciara. 

So…what exactly did she do?

Apparently, the mother of two posted a clip co-signing with pastor John Gray, who insinuates that too many women act like a girlfriend instead of wife. The “Goodies” singer captioned it, “#LevelUp. Don’t settle.”

Take a look:

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#LevelUp. Don’t Settle.

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Interesting, depending on how you interpret this. For the record, this is an excerpt from a longer sermon where Gray also takes men to task, something that social media apparently didn’t consider.

Some folks on Black Twitter took issue with the post, claiming that Ciara forgot her past before she married Russell Wilson. And they believe she is shaming and blaming Black women for being single.


But not everyone disagrees with Ciara and believes that Black women do need to find their self-worth in order to be in a long-lasting, loving relationship. They also don’t understand why folks are coming for her, especially since they believe that Russell upgraded her:

And then there were the those who enjoyed sitting around watching it all unfold:

We’re pretty sure Ciara did not want to be trending on Twitter because of this!

Do you agree with Ciara? Do you believe that if Black women begin to recognize their self-worth they will find a husband?

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12 thoughts on “Ciara Dragged On Social Media For Instagram Post About Marriage

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  2. Those stupid few folks who are trashing her does not see Cira wants you to get the best and PRESENT YOURSELF as if YOU are WORTHY to be a wife. This is NOT about being single BUT if you have someone and want to be married, PRESENT YOURSELF in a way that you are WORTHY. I got what she is saying. Now you want to single or if you want to be single to be with everything under the sun and do not want to get married, she is NOT talking to you.

  3. L Yarwood on said:

    Ciara need to stick to her post and leave it as that..coming back on to clarify was unnecessary. Those ignorant female came on like she called them by name. I was in a abusive relationship and dissed everyone when they told me I deserve better and that same person dissed me by sending me jail. I hold myself accountable to this day and I will definitely #levelup after my bad decision. Stop settling ladies and stop bashing women who trying to inspire. Ciara know what she been through and she should be proud of where she is now. I dislike salty females. I use to be salty so I know you guys but I’m no longer salty because I #leveledup.😎

  4. African American Woman on said:

    What’s wrong with this message? I think our young women and girls need to understand that they are valuable and, therefore, should act, think and dress like the gems they are. People have issues with everything, even positive things…SMH

  5. Passing Through!! on said:

    Maybe Ciara is speaking from experience, she settled for a womanizing rapper with 3 baby mamas and look what happened. She could have done so much better than Future.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Good idea, listen to the whole message, not just a sound byte. I’ve always said that to women, stop being these guys’ option, you’re more valuable than that. Make them work to be in your life, not the other way around. I love my fellas but I refuse to be anyone’s option, I think everyone woman should feel the same about herself.

  6. Creole4life on said:

    Not sure how what she said cause backlash. Clearly women should never settle for less and evel up is just that. Know that you deserve the best life have to offer married or single.

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