Donna Richardson Joyner Brings Fashion To Tiny Homes


Tiny Homes are popping up all over the place, fostering the idea of minimalist living and a carefree pickup and go lifestyle. But what would happen if you bought a tiny home to launch a moving fashion boutique?

TV Host and fitness expert Donna Richardson Joyner has a Tiny House Fashion boutique on wheels that offers clothes for both men and women. She’s now building a second Tiny House and will go on a national tour in February for Black History Month.

“Everybody will see me out on the road delivering a lot of love and a lot of fashion and of course wellness,” expressed Richardson. “The tiny house really came about Donnie because I had started a clothing line and I was looking for a way to market myself outside of fitness because most people know me for health and fitness.”

While watching HGTV she saw tiny homes and her idea was born. A week later, she bought a tiny home to get her business started and ended purchasing the house from a woman she helped certify in fitness years ago!

“I had certified her to teach aerobics like 26 years ago,” explained Richardson. “I would have never thought my dreams would take me from buns of steel to a tiny house on wheels.”

Her tiny home features fashion for both men and women designed to make them feel and look their best.

“It’s fashion that will have women and men looking their best. So, Sybil, I do have sizes from extra small and it covers all women no matter what size they are. Dresses, suits, coats, purses.  And then for the men Donnie, I have amazing bow ties and nice ties, and some cigars too. Yah know to sweeten the pot a bit.”

Richardson was really encouraged by her ability to start the business and encourages others to go after their dreams. “No matter what age you are what setbacks you have you can still pursue your dreams.

Find out more about her Tiny House Boutique and her national tour at



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6 thoughts on “Donna Richardson Joyner Brings Fashion To Tiny Homes

  1. James Brown on said:

    Proud of you Donna. I didn’t listen to all of the interview. I like Sybil but I felt she was awkward. You are so classy!!

  2. queenbee on said:

    yeah that was the most uncomfortable weidest interviews ever.Sybil was very awkward towards her. Horrible chemistry from the team with sybil and Donnie. Not a good look in toms absence.Dont know if it was because she was toms ex but it was terrib🤔le🤢🤢

  3. June Biddle on said:

    You go LADY DONNA…..I watched you on Sister Circle couple of weeks ago and loving your energy etc with ladies on the circle. Keep the music flowing and energy goings-on. …I like your tinyhouses…..Im looking forward in purchasing my tinyhouse…..toooooo.

  4. Awkward!! The editor Diannah Watson wrote “Richardson Joyner” but Donna is now referring to herself only as Richardson. I don’t think she’s still using the Joyner name. I can sense the discomfort in this interview! She probably wouldn’t have done it if Tom was there.

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