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Wendy Williams is going to collect dem coins by any means necessary, which is why she requires that artists who perform on her daytime talk show cut her a check.

According to thejasminebrand, the Wendy Williams Show charges at least $20,000 for A-listers to hit the stage.

“It’s not negotiable. She has a huge platform and they probably could demand more,” claims a source.

Apparently, it’s standard that artists pay some type of fee when they perform, but the bigger the show, the more talent has to pay.

“Every show doesn’t charge, but it’s pretty typical.”

Meanwhile, Wendy is “burying her head in the sand” following reports that her staff ‘leaked’ details about her husband’s alleged cheating scandal.

A source close to Wendy tells that she appears to be ignoring the situation completely.

“Wendy isn’t discussing what’s going on with Kevin at all. She’s staying completely mum on the subject, other than to say things are ‘fine’ if anyone asks,” the insider reveals.

“Wendy’s stuck between a rock and a hard place, though,” the insider also admits. “If she publicly acknowledges the cheating may be real, she’s got to be seen to do something. So for now, she’s burying her head in the sand and carrying on with business as usual, and everyone is walking on eggshells around her.”

“Initially she brushed the cheating allegations off as false, but she’s not stupid — far from it — and the mood she’s been in off-camera suggests that she thinks otherwise,” the source adds of the talk show host.

Meanwhile, Wendy isn’t planning to leave her man despite the allegations.

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44 thoughts on “Here’s How Much Wendy Williams Charges Artists To Perform On Her Show

  1. Wow I Cannot imagine paying $20,000 to be on that nasty show I don’t know what happened to Wendy years ago I use the water and up until about two years ago she starts acting so bazaar on the show like she’s on drugs I mean she Throws herself round and always looks sick

  2. Marie Jackmon on said:

    Wendy is a “BOSS” she aint gotta do nothin but keep making them COINS! Her platform and Brand is the Wendy Williams Show, Her clothing line, and her Stand up. Her personal life is just that Personal! She owes no one an explanation!

  3. Zillie Perkins on said:

    Wendy is doing her Job following the advice she would give anyone on hot topics.Say nothing & eventually we will forget about it.Her home life is private & if she can keep it that way & keep you in suspense then more power to you.😊If she leaves,stays or is the truth.I really don’t care…keep following your advice Wendy & say nothing, I’m still gone watch 👀😘😘

  4. Thats nothing new. Her husband Kevin is behind that, and has been doing that since her “radio days”. Kevin is a hustler and thats how he makes extra money. Wendy turns a blind eye to that as usual.

  5. Jossiean Hopson on said:

    Not one good commit😕poor Wendy is a hypocrite, finger pointing, spineless, drug using, Shera! Get a grip Wendy… End it! He’s walking all ova you.

  6. I use to enjoy Wendy but now she’s become fake ,she needs to acknowledge the fact that hubby ain’t all that before she continues to run other folks life down the drain to thine owns elf be trur. You owe it to your loyal fans to let us in on your dirt that what it’s all about anyway .

  7. Geraldine Johnson on said:

    Wendy is a sad ass monster. Someone who comments on others but won’t talk about her own crap. So sad that young thing got her husband. And all that dipping and doing ain’t keeping Kevin happy. What happened to she a straight shooter. I guess that’s for others and not herself. Poor Wendy, husband bought girl a house, a ring on it. Picking her up. Hahahaha the jokes on Wendy.

  8. I used to love Wendy and still like her, but it’s getting real hard to listen to her opinion about everyone’s dirt when her and her husband have all the bs in the world going on. She really needs to stick to the platform of letting the ppl know the real deal but should keep them opinions to herself!

  9. Wendy you need to stop and recognize that it ain’t bout you girlfriend. Clean your yard up before you try to clean somebody else’s. You got a lot trash and dirt in your front yard. It ain’t pretty is it? Nooooo….

  10. Ten years her husbands affair has been going on. She has known about it and accepts it. The girlfriend probably wants to get married, but Kevin ain’t leaving that gravy train named Wendy.

  11. Sayitasiseeit on said:

    I love Wendy but I don’t like ask Wendy and I hate it when they cook and she always wants to take all the food home. Comes across as cheap and the way she chows down while they talk is unreal but I love ya…share you food have a hat with names and draw a name the day someone is going to cook. They get the meal …throw that name away till all gone add any new employees as the come. Be fair donahog!

  12. Sayitasiseeit on said:

    Wendy will dump him…she will only be able to stand it so long…she is too strong to be treated that way..I’m also thinking he is getting ready to leave her. He bought this woma an engagement ring…huge home..and now isnt hiding the fact that he picks her up and drops her off every where…no hiding that.. I think within the next year max two they will be separated and divorcing. He has pocketed enough money…thanks to Wendy

  13. Sharon Remm on said:

    Wendy Williams is a stupid dumb retarded ass BITCH.. I’m glad her husband ducking het over cause she so quick to put everybody else business out there to bad so sad. The shoe is on the other foot don’t feel so good now. I notice she stop talking about Ti and Tiny.. We laughed our ass off when she fainted on Halloween customer to hot my ass. She need to stop losing weight look like she smoking crack again. And she had the nerve to talk about Whitney Houston BITCH please. Judge Mathis and his wife I hope they saying Carma is real Wendy remember when you lied on him and tried to embarrass the judge but he made you look like a CRACKHEAD fool on your own radio sbow.. I hope she reads this and yes I’m laughing my ASS off at you. We don’t watch your show either it SUCKS….

    • Sayitasiseeit on said:

      Why so harsh? Did she say something about you? Look we all enjoy gossip on her show not her fault she is just giving us what we want. What do you want her to say about what’s going on that hasn’t already been said in the ragsheet or blogs…..oh you read about me yesterday my husband was seen with that other woman again. You don’t have to be so hard on her. Hate us for wanting to listen to her hot topics…supply and demand!

      • Colleen on said:

        Yes I agree lot of people R just jealous of Wendy when it’s sad when she’s not even thinking about them they’re pouring don’t have anything and hating on her she just doing her job.. sad thing about it if that was their job they would do the same

  14. My Opinion on said:

    I always thought artist got paid to perform on TV! I do tune in for the first 15-20 minutes to get the info then, I tune out if there isn’t somebody on that I want to see. I’m finding Williams harder to tolerate as the days go by.

    • Jean Fleming on said:

      I’m with you. Starting to watch the View more often. Wendy is getting hard to take. I can’t stand her silly call ins.With Xmas coming up, now her will be all the packages. It’s boring for those watching. Her games are childish. I’m even tired of her made up words she continues to use.

  15. Melinda Adams on said:

    People shouldn’t do dumb shit. Geraldo use to do it. Rona Barrett, etc.
    She just tells what people do in Hollywood. She’s worth $60m plus sell the clothes, has an emoji business, an a foundation.

    She’s an actress, author, has a big mouth and she’s nosey. She made a career out of it.
    Oh well…
    I agree, no A List should have to pay but AGAIN ITS STILL THEIR CHOICE TO PAY THAT $20K


  17. Wanda hood on said:

    Don’t watch her show anymore she judges everyone marraig but she doesn’t not talk about hers he us making a fool out of her.

    • I hate when she show her cheap looking clothing line from han. I don’t like how she talks over the,cooking quest and eats there food like she is starving. The best part of the show is ask Wendy. The beginning of the show she is always staying she did Not watch a TV special the night before. I no longer have to watch twendys show daily

  18. Erma Portillo on said:

    Wendy Williams, what a hot mess!
    I used to watch her show but since this cheating husband story showed its face I watch no more not being true to herself. No More.

  19. She always want the “tea on someone’s life but she really needed to “spill the tea ” on her own messing life! “STOP WITH THE WEIGHT LOSS YOU LOOK HORRIBLE ” IMJUSTSAYING SMDH!

  20. Diamond on said:

    Wendy is one dumb woman. Her husband cheats on her, She hires him to keep tabs on him. He’s still cheating, turns a blind eye. A scumbag man only does to you what you allow him to do. I’m so glad I stop watching her ratchet ass show last year.

  21. specialt757 on said:

    Why would anyone pay to perform on this show? Are you kidding me? Especially if you’re an A-lister, you already have a giant following. I don’t get it.

  22. Wendy is a hot mess! She’s always criticizing others but doesn’t look at herself, I do believe she’s burying her head in the sand because she doesn’t want to face the music. I believe her staffers always had to walk on eggshells, I feel sorry for Suzanne but I guess she needs the money! I wish the Real came on in her lace

  23. Wendy seems to have it twisted–SHE SHOULD BE PAYING FOLKS TO BE GUESTS ON HER DAMN SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who would pay her ass to be on her show and WHY???????????????????

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