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Oh the hypocrisy of it all!!!

Black Trump-loviPastor Mark Burns continues to make some controversial statements on cable news.

His most recent faux-pas went down on Saturday when he told MSNBC’s Joy Reid that being moral is not a requirement to be a political leader in this country.


It all started during an on-air discussion of Roy Moore, a Republican running for the Alabama State Senate who has been accused of sexually abusing teenage girls. When asked about whether or not Moore should still run, Burns said that morality isn’t that big of a deal with it comes to who we elect to public office.

“I’m not defending Roy Moore, I’m defending due process,” Burns tried to say.

“I’d like to believe that if you were ever accused of something that you know that you did not do, you would believe people are treating you the same way that you would want to be treated if you were in that case, which is give you the benefit of the doubt.”

While he claimed that he believed Moore’s accusers, he later blurted out, “We want all of our candidates to be moral, but morality is not the only qualification for leadership.”

Of course, Reid wasn’t trying to hear any of that noise.

“Hold on just a second. One moment, hold on, hold on,” Reid snapped back.

“I’m going to let you back in. You’re not a lawyer, you’re not a judge. You’re not here to judge whether or not in a court of law Roy Moore would be found guilty after nine women accused him of sexually molesting children.”

“Let me ask a question.,” Reid stated. “As a pastor, do you counsel your parishioners that morality is not a necessary ingredient for leadership? Is that what you preach for your church? Because you just said it doesn’t matter.”

“You have just taken what I said out of context,” Burns replied. “I did not say morality is not important.”

“But immorality is not qualifying for leadership in your view?” Reid pressed.

“If that was the case, all of us would be disqualified,” Burns explained.

Watch Joy’s face when he makes this statement:

Burns is no stranger to controversy.

During the 2016 presidential election, the avid Trump supporter was caught lying about his bio on CNN and once tweeted a cartoon of Hillary Clinton wearing blackface.

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2 thoughts on “Trump-Loving Pastor To Joy Reid: ‘Morality Is Not A Requirement To Be A Political Leader’

  1. specialt757 on said:

    As far as “pastor” burnes, he is a liar so of course morals are something he lacks as a leader. He posted a bio on his churches website filled with “untruths” and when caught in the lies, he says someone hacked his website and later apologized for lying about his background. If you have to lie about your background to convince people to take you serious, then maybe you should get a better background. i.e. get an education in what you say you want to be.

  2. specialt757 on said:

    CLEARLY morality is not a qualification of being a leader in the U.S.A. People elected a self-proclaimed sexual predator to the highest office in our land. YES! The electoral college does determine who our president will be, however, those are votes which are made by human beings. Thereby, PEOPLE of the U.S. voted him in. Very sad, but even sadder is the fact that the majority of the people who voted DID NOT want him as president. He did not win the popular vote as he would like to think.

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