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SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — President Donald Trump says tougher gun laws would not have prevented a mass shooting at a south Texas church, arguing that more restrictions might have led to more casualties.

Trump spoke at a news conference in South Korea Tuesday where he was asked about “extreme vetting” for gun purchases. Trump said: “If you did what you’re suggesting, there would have been no difference three days ago and you might not have had that very brave person who happens to have a gun or a rifle in his trunk.”

As he did following last month’s Las Vegas massacre of 58 people, Trump pushed back against the question, calling it a “situation that probably shouldn’t be discussed too much” and noted that he was “in the heart of South Korea.”

Trump added that if the Good Samaritan didn’t have a gun, “instead of having 26 dead, you would have had hundreds more dead.”

Authorities say Devin Patrick Kelley fired at least 450 rounds of ammunition at worshippers in Sunday’s attack at the First Baptist

Church in Sutherland Springs. The dead ranged in age from 18 months to 77 years old.

Trump’s more muted response to gun violence contrasts with his swift call for legislative and military action following the Oct. 31

the truck attack in New York City. Within hours of a rental truck ramming through a crowded bicycle path and into a school bus, Trump called

for Congress to “immediately” repeal the diversity visa lottery program that suspect Sayfullo Saipov, an Uzbekistan citizen,

used to enter the country in 2010.

After the Las Vegas shooting, Trump and aides said it was inappropriate to consider a policy response while people were still grieving.

Despite days later suggesting openness to outlawing the bump stock device that allowed Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock to fire at near-automatic rates, the Trump administration has shown no signs of urgency.

Trump, who supported gun control before reversing his position to enter the Republican presidential primary, courted the National

Rifle Association’s endorsement in 2016, and earlier this year became the first president in three decades to speak at the gun group’s annual convention.

Associated Press writer Catherine Lucey in Washington contributed to this report.

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(Jung Yeon-Je/Pool Photo via AP)

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12 thoughts on “Trump Says Tougher Gun Laws Not Answer After Texas Shooting

  1. specialt757 on said:

    D- looks like that’s his plan. The dems or republitugs do nothing to make Americans feel safe. That’s why everyone in one household from 5 y.o. to 90 y.o. has to possess at least one gun. These politicians are bought and paid for with the blood of many. All we can do now is wait for the next mass murdering incident and repeat the same things, over and over. No change for the future.

    • And so far this year the death toll in Chicago has surpassed 10 LV and TX shootings combined what about the Politician’s in that state leading by example and cleaning up that death trap, unlike Chicago in that TX town the good guys can own guns too so this wingnut was stopped

      • Chicago, Chicago, Chicago that’s all u have. How about the nut who shot up over 500 people in one freaking day in Las Vegas…Get the F off this website

      • Well there’s also Oakland, Detroit, D.C., Gary IN, Camden NJ, Atlanta and like I said Chicago’s @ well over a 1000 and still 2 more months to go, I know you’d rather talk about some lone racist white cop who shot dead some black street thug who just beat and old lady in the head and stole her money

  2. Thank god a good-ol boy from TX was there to stop that carnage had this some liberal snowflake from San Francisco there could have been many more killed

  3. americanize on said:

    Dear Americans nothing,nothing,nothing will be done about gun laws,everything will remain the same.The NRA owns law makers.What you should do is armed yourselves,get proper gun training and be ready for whatever go,s down.You have a god given right,to defend yourself and family.Slavery didn,t end it just evolved.

    • The NRA definitely own that orange face fake prez. That fool is afraid to say the word gun control. But he want everybody to think he’s a tuff guy. He’s a damn fool. He’s a wussy. He’s Putin’s puppet. Period!!!!!!!

  4. If Chump would draft some type of legislation that would prevent those folks with mental health issues from obtaining a gun license in the first place.

    Nutcases do not need to have possession of any type of FIREARMS.
    They should be the last persons to be allowed to OWN a GUN.

    As for there ever being any meaningful GUN LAWS in this country-DON’T HOLD YOUR BREATH.

    The NRA is one of the biggest lobbyists in DC and has very deep pockets.
    The NRA has paid off both the DEMS and Thuglican’s to turn their heads
    whenever any talk of gun reform is discussed.

    They are all receiving kickbacks from the NRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • If you knew what you were talking about instead of parroting ignorant liberal talking points maybe you might have a point. You don’t need a license to own a gun in TX or most other states, there are already LAWS that would have prevented this man from owning a gun the Navy dropped the ball the “nutcases” in Chicago don’t need to have guns ether and there are plenty of laws there to prevent it yet the body count still rises
      So I’ll ask you what I ask other clueless liberal talking heads on a stick (What the f^%k is “meaningful gun laws?” your asshat of a comment means nothing stop being just an ignorant mouth piece for the left and at least educate yourself on the laws and issues

    • Why would he? The first thing Der Donald did when ascended his throne was to ABOLISH the very statute you’re suggesting which Obama enacted last year! Trump thinks his mission as POTUS is to erase anything positive Obama has done for our country.

  5. Look at this fool. He look like a sick puppy who’s not happy with the job he thought he wanted. This country is in a Sad state of affairs, literally. It starts at the top. Heaven help us. Let’s just let the nuts keep killing innocent ppl.

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