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The murder of legendary DJ Jam Master Jay has been ruled a cold case by police.

Jam Master Jay was shot and killed on October 30, 2002, in his Queens, NY studio. Police say that two men were let into the building where his recording studio was. One of the men embraced the DJ, then gunfire rang out. Jay was shot in the head and killed.

Four other people were reported to be in the studio during the incident but have not come forward with any information about it. One of them one was named a suspect, however, charges were never brought against him.

After 15 years with no leads or breaks in the investigation, the New York Police Department has now ruled the murder a cold case.

“We know it’s an anniversary but we don’t like to talk about it much anymore,” said Jam Master Jay’s older sister, Bonita Jones, in an interview with XXLMag. The family has taken the loss of his life and unresolved murder very hard.

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We Remember Jam Master Jay
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(Source: XXLMag )

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