Roland Martin: Why Have Black Women Stopped Supporting Democrats?


There’s been an 11-point drop of Black female support for the Democratic Party and Roland Martin wants to know why.

ESSENCE’s editor Vanessa K. De Luca and the president of the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation Melanie Campbell have joined forces over the last three years to take a poll from Black women on which party they prefer.

De Luca explained, “every year we ask black women who have your best interest. What was different about the poll this year was an 11% drop for black woman overall who don’t see the Democratic party having their interest at heart.” She added, “This is a multigenerational poll. We’re talking across the board of people feeling disenfranchised by the democratic party.”

Campbell jumped in saying, “this is not a new conversation. It not just about hiring black women to work in the democratic party. You have to engage your loyal base on every level of leadership. It’s across the board. Local to national. If they don’t change support will continue to drop.”

Many of the women they polled are women seeking leadership. De Luca said, “how many of our respondents said that they are looking to hold office themselves. We can’t rely on these institutions to represent us. We need to get more skin in the game. We are ready to lead we just need to start believing that.”

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9 thoughts on “Roland Martin: Why Have Black Women Stopped Supporting Democrats?

  1. The article seems to be saying that the Democratic Party is ignoring women when it comes to leadership roles . I would say that speaks to inequality among women in all power positions in society, political, business and organized religion .

  2. Theo, you as a independent, still only have two viable parties who can realistically win in our present day political arena, so, maybe that’s why we look for the lesser of two evils . I do understand and agree with the independent philosophy but I still say it’s time for a third party

    • George, you are missing the THEME and/or Nature of my perspective when I refer to the lesson from Trump’s win….he did not establish ANOTHER Political Party, he took-over the Republican Party with a Superior Message or Argument which Directly Connected with Republicans across the County more than the other Republican Candidates. As such, the SAME Play-Book can be used by a Democrat; an Independent, etc., instead of establishing a New Party. George, the THEME which trumps or supersedes your perspective is that the RIGHT PERSON can trump a Party….if you got the RIGHT PERSON, it’s on!

    • George, the current President proves, unequivocally that the Country does not need ANOTHER Party, in words to say, it’s about the PERSON, Not the Party. I am an Independent, which means I can’t be boxed-in to vote for any particular Party. As such, I am free to Vote for the Person, which trumps Party.

  3. INDEPENDENT PARTY: Last yr. my wife & I abandoned the Democratic Party….I register as an Independent which allows me to vote for the Person, not the Party…the Democratic Party means well, but the modus operandi of the people have changed; for Example, DACA–Americans should not be responsible to financially support Illegals, whether the Illegal is from Africa, the Islands or Mexico.. Democrats invest too much focus & resources on those who are in the U.S. illegally, which is but one major reason my wife & I abandoned the Democratic Party.

  4. williaml on said:

    The minute we as Black People realize that the Democrat Party IS the Confederates of the old South and has always been against us through Segregation, Jim Crow, Slavery. Abortion, KKK, ETC. the better off we will be. The Whites that marched with MLK in the Civil Rights era were Republicans. The Confederates AKA Dixiecrats AKA Democrats have not changed and has never been for the working class. In fact, it is the Democrats that owe us an apology for the atrocities they have inflicted upon our ancestors and us as a people.

  5. I don’t support either of the top two parties because they don’t work for or have our best interest. As blacks, we NEED a third party that will work for the people and not big business.

  6. I stopped being a Democrat over twenty years ago. I am a registered Socialist.

    The Democratic party has become complacent in recent years, and has done NOTHING
    to DESERVE the African American vote!!!!!!!!

    They seem to be SPINELESS POS who have no BACKBONE and refuse to stand up
    and represent the constituents they claim to support.

    Socialism is about CHANGE-not keeping things status quo or being in bed with Lobbyists.

    This country needs a Third Party which represents the working class and is not
    all about the almighty $$$$$.

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