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Ex St. Louis officer Jason Stockley has been acquitted in the killing and death of 24-year-old Anthony Lamar Smith. Since the verdict, the city of St. Louis reacted in a series of protest all across the city.

If you want to stay connected with the protest, we suggest following these main Twitter accounts:

  1. @ShaunKing is a journalist whose research and hard-hitting articles keeps people in the know about any current situations. It can be anything from police brutality, corruption or Medicare. Shaun is always ready to show the truth. He is a regular guest on the Tom Joyner Morning Show where he provides powerful commentary.
  2. @WesleyLowery is a journalist for the Washington Post and author of the popular book They Can’t Kill Us All: Ferguson, Baltimore, And A New Era In America’s Racial Justice Movement. Like Shaun King Lowery is also in the know and can provide the necessary updates and commentary on any issue, especially the Jason Stockley verdict, and protest.
  3. @SenatorNasheed is the Missouri state senator for the 5th district of the state. She formerly served in the Missouri House of Representatives. She is another source for updates on the verdict and protest of the Jason Stockley trial.
  4. @stlpublicradio is a St.Louis public radio station that like are three other sources are good for updates on the protest and staying connected with local news.

Here are some hashtags to search for during the protest to catch everything you can on it.







Here are some tweets from the protest so far.


(AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

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4 thoughts on “How To Keep Up With The Jason Stockley Protest

  1. I used to condemn segregationists, but now I am one. I am a racist now because of the behavior, attitudes, culture and beliefs of the black community. I mean, in every single case where a black male is shot, he is either high on drugs, resisting arrest, getting violent, or has a criminal background. Further, a black is ten times more likely to rob, assault, or rape a white in America than vice versa. I do not want blacks in my neighbourhood and I do not want my children attending a school that is more than 5% black. So whose fault is my racism? And by the way, I would have no trouble living in as Asian neighbourhood — so my racism is limited to only black people. But even more vehement in their dislike of blacks is Asians — and for good reasons. For example, when I lived in Thailand, Nigerian blacks in a ghetto in Bangkok, were associated with illegal drugs and rape. It’s the same story in every city in the world: Blacks are 6 times overrepresented in crime statistics.
    I see the day soon arriving when blacks will be confined to several southern states and not allowed to travel outside those designated states. A growing number of us (formerly liberal) whites are simply fed up.

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