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Discussing President Trump’s visit to Corpus Christie, Texas, where he met with emergency responders battling the devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey, MSNBC’s Joy Reid notes that he appears to see the devastation solely as an opportunity to show his strength.

“He sees everything in terms of ratings and crowd size,” she explained to Trevor Noah on “The Daily Show” last night. “The accomplishment he sees in Harvey is that it’s the biggest, during the era of Donald Trump. There’s something disturbing about the way he talks about it.”

“I don’t think he can connect with the compassion that you normally have when you see a disaster like this.”

Noah reminded folks that Trump said he announced his pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio as Harvey was hitting Texas, was not to bury the unpopular news as pundits had alleged, but because he knew TV ratings would be especially high that day,.

“What he has always done, his entire adult life, is to kind of do a show,” Reid responded. “And he always wants to have a bigger and better show. And even being president is just a show, in which he times for ratings, and looks to see how many people are watching Donald Trump.”

Noah wondered if the “show” would end with impeachment or Trump relinquishing power.

“I get asked this all the time,” Reid answered. “As long as there are Republicans in control of the House of Representatives, the Senate, they are not going to impeach Donald Trump.” She advised Noah to stop waiting for this Congress “to suddenly wake up and decide Donald Trump is terrible. This is the same guy that he’s been since he was running for president. They know who he is. They’re not going to impeach him.”

Watch below:

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11 thoughts on “Joy Reid Calls Out Trump For Making Hurricane Harvey About Himself

  1. It was show and tell and that’s exactly what he did. As far as impeachment – Ha!!!! Those same stupid, irresponsible people who control the Congress are the same people who would impeach him – they are the ones that got him where he is – Please don’t count on his being impeached as a way to get rid of him – An outpouring of votes during the next presidential election is what it will take

  2. Joy Reid MSNBC’s token liberal black plantation wench, she go’s from her show on life support to another show with even less viewers how about if Trump pardons former NO Mayor Ray Nagin then
    maybe Reid could smile at least once in the next 8 years

  3. Virginia Watkins on said:

    I guess since Trump wasn’t crying, he’s not empathetic. People seem to forget that Trump is a multi-Billionaire. He doesn’t need to sell his dumb hats and doesn’t need to put his family through all the crap the left does. Obama is the Liar in chief. Nobody is enabling anyone, except the left media enabling BLM and ANTIFA.

    • specialt757 on said:

      He’s not empathetic because he doesn’t care, has nothing to do with being a multi-billionaire. He’s a multi-billionaire because he fails to pay for products and services he contract for so he files bankruptcy 6 times. Yeah he’s not liar right? He’s a scam artist, the worst kind of liar and you know the saying, “if you lie you’ll steal”, and your fake prez is a LIAR AND A THIEF!

  4. Passing Through! on said:

    Why are people shocked by this, they were talking about this on another news show. Don’t people get it by now 45 is mentally ill, he’s not capable of expressing emotions that he doesn’t have.

  5. specialt757 on said:

    He did exactly that! He was so enthused by the crowd size that showed up when he was in Corpus Christi, he is the epitome of a circus clown. Did he even show any compassion for the victims of this storm? Or was it all about him?

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